A letter from Executive Producer: Matthew Pelletier

Dear Twitch Community,

This letter is being written in response to the recent controversy around Twitch’s Most Eligible’s usage of 2 fake email accounts, emails delivered from these accounts, and concerns about the safety & security of the contestants appearing on our show.

It was never my intention to mislead or deceive anyone. The concept of doing an IRL version of ‘Love or Host’ sounded like a fun project, and starting January 2021 of this year, I assembled a team to work on it. All of the producers who have worked on this show, and the rest of our staff, are good decent people. We wake up every day, sit down in our home offices, and are excited to make the best show that we can make.

- Who is ‘Matt Fox’?
Matt Fox is an alias that I used years ago when I intended on keeping my real identity private. With Twitch’s Most Eligible, it was never my intention to hide my name or my affiliation with the show. My real name ‘Matthew Pelletier’ is stamped all over our website and our marketing materials. Emails were sent out under the ‘Matt Fox’ name, because that email address is regularly used in sending a newsletter to its subscribers the email account is ‘warmed’ and the emails won't go to the spam folder. In doing so, I foolishly failed to consider how this would permanently damage the credibility of the show.

- Michael Kuhlman, Eugenia Su, Faith Curry… are they really producers?
Yes. Michael Kuhlman (aka xHazzard) played as a sub for CLG (League of Legends team) in 2012, and peaked at around 8k viewers back on own3d.tv when that existed. He is a childhood friend of mine. We met each other on his Lineage 2 private server more than a decade ago.

Eugenia Su is a doctor (pharmacist) and streamer, you can check out her stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/drnyvia I have known Eugenia Su personally for more than a decade. We met playing League of Legends.

Faith Curry was hired in January 2021 and streams occasionally with her husband.

- The Bachelors on your website.. Did they give you permission to add them?
Yes, they did. We spoke with them about doing the show and got their permission to use their photos. After the controversy today regarding these fake email accounts, they have since asked for their names to be removed, which we did immediately.

- Did you get permission from ‘Bachelor’ Wingsofdeath to add him to the website?
Yes. You can see a screenshot of the Twitter conversation occurring between Executive Producer Michael Kuhlman and Wingsofdeath here: https://imgur.com/a/PKZJKnw
Wings has since requested that we remove him, which we did immediately.

- Who is Brittany Good (brittany@twitchsmosteligible.com)?
This is an alias account, operated by a staff member on our team who did not want her identity revealed.

- Why did you send out so many emails indiscriminately?
This was very poorly executed and I take full responsibility for our failings here. We were trying to hit a very tight deadline of March 9th, and we were not adequately scrutinizing each potential contact before emailing. Many emails went out that shouldn’t have. Our process was rushed and sloppy.

- This ‘Billionaires Palace’… is it real? Why haven’t you booked it?
Yes. It’s an Airbnb property located in Kentucky. We had negotiated pricing with the owner and discussed terms regarding signing a ‘property release’ (legal requirement when filming on someone else's property.) We had not finalized dates with him, as we were trying to make sure that we could finish casting in time prior to finalizing the agreement and placing a deposit on the property.

- The Safety & Security of Contestants
I completely understand why people are skeptical of the show’s intentions given my mistakes in using these fake email accounts. If we’re lying about names, then what else are we lying about? Aliases are not cool when you’re representing a company, and I should have known better.

We take your safety and security concerns very seriously. Even the appearance of impropriety is unacceptable. I have decided to stop the production of the show effective immediately while I discuss next steps among my team.

Matthew Pelletier
Executive Producer
Twitch’s Most Eligible

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