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14th Feb 2021 from TwitLonger

My Phoenix1 Situation

My Phoenix1 Situation

As you all know a few weeks ago I left the Phoenix1 organization after 2 successful tournament placings with the team. During this time (2021-01-09 to 2021-01-30) I was on an un-contracted trial period in which the organization would then assess my value and negotiate a contract, but before the trial period concluded I decided to leave the organization to pursue better opportunities.

As I stated, during my time with the team we placed in two tournaments, these being Super League Arena and Knights Gauntlet which were 1st ($1000/player) and 2nd ($300/player) respectively. For the payouts the organization requested the money be paid directly to them and then they would distribute the money to the players, however, since leaving my un-contracted trial period I have yet to be paid out by the organization for the $1300 USD that I am owed even though they have received all of the prize earnings.

After a few attempts at messaging a few members of the organization about my situation it seems no conclusion is being reached and I am still without my money as of now, if this changes I will post an update.

I wanted to make this statement to bring to light the situation I have experienced.

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