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14th Feb 2021 from TwitLonger

On my recent ban from No Pixel

I've been thinking over what I did and looking back at the clips, both what I did in nopixel and what I said afterwards. I'm sorry to the server mods and to the community for how I acted.

When I saw the ban I was angry that anyone would ban me and assume I’m a harasser - because I would never want to make a woman feel uncomfortable. But looking back at everything, I know I overreacted and see how my behavior in game has shown the opposite. I’m sorry for what I did and said afterwards.

After thinking over this and how I’ve been playing on servers in the past, I realized I was expecting people to assume the best of me and expecting them to know when I’m joking, and that I don’t have bad intentions. But I should have also been thinking about others and assuming the best in them. They don’t know who I am and that I meant it as a joke and a roleplay, and I don’t know who they are and that they might not take it that way - because maybe they’ve been harassed before and to them it’s very personal. This has made me think more about what I intend versus how my actions are interpreted, and to see my actions in game more like I would IRL. I’ll be thinking more carefully about my words, and that’s why I wanted to write down these thoughts and apologize.

I'm also sorry about what I said on stream later, when I was blaming "LGBTQs" for the ban. That community has nothing to do with what happened and I mean nothing bad towards them at all. I meant to say "SJWs" and I completely misspoke. But looking back on everything, if I could go back I wouldn't have even went off on the mods in the first place, and I'm sorry I did.

I do wish I had been served a warning before bans, because I don’t think my behavior has been so extreme to deserve an immediate ban. But I also understand how my actions violated the server rules. I’ve been loving the nopixel server and hope I can talk through this with the admins while I work on being a better example for my community online.

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