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13th Feb 2021 from TwitLonger

Archangel closing down

Hey guys, for those who don’t know I am the owner of archangel gaming and this pains me to say but archangel gaming will be closing it’s doors. At this moment I’m not in a good place mentally and I’ll go a little in depth about what has been happing this year.

New Year’s Eve one of my closest friends took his life unexpectedly and I still really never recovered from it. He was basically family and we had no idea. That’s just the start. My parents have been going back and forth on getting a divorce and my mom is 100% disabled so if they do I would have to fully support her which is stressful to think about. My work for those who don’t know I’m a truck driver and definitely this time a year with the snow is extremely stressful. Among so many other things that are happening in my life I been struggling and don’t have much fight. I knew I needed to back away somewhere. Couple weeks ago I almost called it quits. Had everything set up then a friend of mine walked in surprising me. If he didn’t walk in I would not be here today. We talked from 8pm to about 4:30am.

I am in consoling now and seeking help. It’s a struggle everyday though and for me I have no idea if I will ever break down again. As I said it pains me ti have the team close down but I need to get my life back in order before I fall further down. I really enjoyed the time I had with the players that made this team a family and I’m thankful for them. I wish them nothing but the best. To the community thank you for your support this has been a blast and I really love this scene. I’m going to stay off social media for the foreseeable future and take my time and heal. Thanks for everything!

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