The Vtuber Community and Over the top Expectations

It’s about time I make this post because I’ve hit my limit to be honest. To start this off, I want to say I will be removing “predebut” from my bio because I’m sick of the expectations that come with it, let me explain:

If I didn’t have predebut in my bio I would just be like any other god damn content creator or twitter artist on this platform. I wouldn’t have people down my throat screaming to “make content !!!” even though I already do. And before you start bitching about how I’m “not a content creator” cause you can’t use basic thinking skills or check google:

“ Content Creation is the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts “

Content creating isn’t just streaming. I don’t know where this community found this idea that content is ONLY streaming. I’m an artist and always have been.

Now to my point, I have NEVER in the MANY communities I have been a very active part of for years have I seen the kind of pressure and expectations independent Vtubers have. I expect a LOT of this comes from the fact that the existence of Hololive and company backings has put this idea into people’s heads that making a Vtuber avatar and “just start streaming” is that easy or cheap

I am a single independent creator with unmedicated adhd. I work my ass off DAILY to not just afford this all, but to also make the content I need to debut. This includes stream assets, my actual model, the model’s rigging, emotes, etc. as well as a PC that is good to stream with and things needed to stream. I am personally not interested in rushing into this and streaming when I am not prepared. Especially with my adhd, I know if I just start saying fuck it and stream with a png, I’m going to loose all my motivation to even make my model

If someone doesn’t want to start streaming with a png, that’s their choice. If someone isn’t debuting as fast as you’d like, that’s a you problem, not them. This idea that if you don’t see a vtuber planning a debut a month after their twitter magically exists they’re a “vtweeter” is absolutely ridiculous. Like we sit on our ass all day and tweet?? When you have absolutely NO idea what is happening behind this screen you see. This toxic mentality a big portion of the Hololive community has made for independent Vtubers is just disgusting and I’m so sick of it. And to preface when I say this, this is absolutely nothing against Hololive, it is against the fans who have taken a great opportunity for people and creators and used it as a weapon for their gross mentalities

With that being said, all I wish to be is a streamer when I have a model. I want to make YouTube content, I want to make people laugh and be happy !! I want to be an escape for people. This is something I plan to take very seriously for years, Years in the future I likely will be ditching the vtuber model and just using a face cam as well. I feel like with having this stupid word in my bio that people have just shit into the ground, I can’t be what I want to be. So yes, I will still be debuting and being a Vtuber, but I am not going to be using any specific labels anymore because clearly all they do is cause more issues than benefit.

I don’t want to be labeled and stuck to this community and have these insane expectations forced onto me. My debut will still ofc be in the works, and I’ll continue to work my ass off as I have been, but I needed to say this and get this off my chest because this has been a major issue not just with me, but these expectations are wide spread across the community from outside sources.

Sorry this has been a long post, but thank you for reading or at least skimming it if you did !! I appreciate your time. Have a wonderful morning / afternoon / night depending on your time zone ❀︎

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