Past few years / MAD Lions / Future plans - Retweets are greatly appreciated

First and foremost, I wanna thank you for all the positive messages I've received since my departure from MAD Lions, many friends reached out and I appreciate every single one of you and the community.

Since the end of 2017 when I first joined Heroic, I`ve been dedicating myself completely to the Danish scene, helping to develop relatively young players and inexperienced rosters where we didnt have the same high structure or level of investment as some of the top teams had, but thanks to everyone involved, Id say our projects evolved pretty well and we managed to be competitive, qualify for a few big events, win some smaller ones and put up great fights against some of the best teams in the world.

Well, it wasn't any different in Tricked/MAD Lions, after watching them playing at V4 Festival in September 2019, I could feel those guys had a lot of potential. The foundation and strong fundamentals were already there and they just needed a bit more experience, a couple of new strategies/different approaches on how to prepare for our practices and official matches. Quickly after we started working together, the results started to come and we managed to qualify for a few big events, the first half of 2020 in particular treated us very well, we went all the way close to top 10 on HLTV after good placements in a few events and the 1st place at Flashpoint Season 1. Back then, a lot of people were talking about us as one of the best upcoming teams, and taking into consideration a few roster changes during the period, I'd say our journey was pretty successful and we adapted to the situations at a relatively fast pace.

A couple of days ago, I was informed by the management of MAD Lions that they decided to move in a different direction for 2021 and I wasn't going to be the Head Coach anymore, at the end of the day it's part of my job and I respect the decision.

I really can't thank ALL the players I worked with throughout all generations of this team enough for the amount of trust in myself as a Coach and the commitment they put into the team, It's been a relatively long journey, I made a lot of friends and people that I have tremendous respect for and their words of support on my departure means the world to me.

As for what comes next for me, I have been professionally Coaching since 2016 in Brazil/North America/Europe and my goal is to continue as a Head Coach, perhaps building a team from scratch in a new organization or joining an established one, also thought about being an Assistant Coach for one of the top teams, but we will see and I am open to hear any opportunities.

Thanks and I hope to see you guys soon,


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