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10th Feb 2021 from TwitLonger

LFT after ex-CGG/Domino disband, RT's appreciated

So after finishing the PG split with HMBLE as Coach and Sub in Playoffs I joined the ex-CGG roster. Together with them I qualified to the Nordic Championship Closed Qualifier and things were going pretty well. Suddenly some issues that will stay private came up and from there it was only a snowball of bad events that led us to make the decision to disband today and I am now free agent for any National teams or projects.

About me:
18yo, Italian
2 years competitive experience in T3, T1-T2 scrim experience
Can speak Italian and English
Main roles: Support/Flex, I played also Entryfragger recently and I did well at it so also that
Non-toxic, improving-oriented mentality, very rational

Recent official games:
PG Playoffs:

R6Tab profile if it matters anything:

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