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Important info I have been struggling with for the last 2/3 months about Raffi

Idk how to really say this, but only a few people besides myself, have known about this, and I feel like this needs to be public, because I don't know if me or anyone else who knows right now can be comfortable around Raffi at tournaments after all of this, and idk if you guys will either after reading this whole thing.

This is going to be long, but I want to make sure I cover as much as I can, so everyone has the clearest picture of what happened, but I'll try to leave out things that I feel didn't matter as much.

Raffi who is 27 years old, was flirting, and trying to get into a relationship with my ex girlfriend, Kish, who is 16 years old. He was trying to control who she talks to, and hide the fact that he was talking to her from the smash community because he can get canceled/banned for it. He also tried to prevent me from getting into a relationship with her, so he can get into a relationship with her himself.

Everything started sometime in October, not sure the exact date, but Raffi started talking to Kish during that time. They met through public among us servers, where Kish, using the name Pikachu, invited Raffi to join the server and they started talking through that. I don't have any evidence that this is how they met, besides what Raffi told me by mouth. Sometime in late November, Raffi and Kish tell each other that they have feelings for each other. At this time, Raffi knows Kish is 16, but Kish only knows that Raffi is in his mid 20s/20+, which is what Raffi told Kish. Raffi tells Kish all of this knowing the 11 year age gap between them. After this they begin to flirt a lot more, either that or they already were, and Raffi would say things like I wish I could watch anime with you irl, that's a dream, as I believe they were watching HunterXHunter together. This is the only screenshot I have of him flirting with Kish, but he definitely has said more flirty things in calls with the 3 of us, and more that I just don't know of.

This is backed up by this screenshot of Raffi talking to another person in the server who is 15 about Kish and himself flirting, and what Kish has said to me by mouth in calls.

Also you can say that Kish also knew that Raffi is somewhere in his 20s, but it isn't her responsibility to know that she shouldn't be talking to Raffi in a flirtatious manner. It's Raffi's responsibility as the adult to know not to be flirting with someone who is 16 while he is 27.

On December 3rd, Raffi invites me to join the server, and play Minecraft with him and Kish. I would always recommend Minecraft to Raffi even before Steve was released, but he only started playing because he would want to play with Kish. This is the first time I start talking to Kish, and eventually learned all the information in the previous paragraph while playing Minecraft with her. After hearing all of that stuff, I told Kish the truth about Raffi's age, and Kish says that she doesn't like him like that anymore because of the age gap, and the long distance between each other, (Kish lives in the Philippines), and probably because at this point she has started to have feelings for me. I was shocked at hearing this, especially after everything that has happened in the smash community over the summer, but I didn't say anything about the two on twitter, because I was under the impression that Raffi had stopped pursuing Kish. I assumed this because Kish said that she didn't like Raffi like that anymore and I thought Raffi felt the same way. I thought Raffi knew better than to continue flirting with her after that.

On December 7th, Raffi asks one of his friends in the server who is 15 for advice on the matter as I showed above, and in that conversation he finds out that Kish likes me, but never tells me this because he doesn't want me to get into a relationship with her, but wants to get into a relationship with her himself.

In the next few days, Kish tells me that she likes me and we get into a relationship. I tell Raffi because I knew about their past and we often talked in groups of the 3 of us. To my surprise, Raffi gets extremely jealous about our relationship, and tries to convince me not to get into a relationship with Kish, because he wants to get into a relationship with her instead. He also messages Kish himself and tries to make her feel guilty for liking me, and tries to prevent her from getting into a relationship with me because he still has feelings for her.

Since I was really shocked to realize that Raffi still has a crush on Kish and is still trying to get into a relationship with her, I screen shared this and the messages you are going to see, with Tai, XL, and Charlie, because I didn't know what to do and I would feel like crap having this pedophilic info on my conscience alone, and wasn't confident I'd do the right thing about this serious situation. He deleted some messages in the screenshots, where he says he just wanted an online relationship with Kish during quarantine, and that's why he still had a crush on Kish even after everything that happened in the smash community with pedophilia. You can tell he says this by the way I respond saying that he is being just like Ally, because he got into a relationship with Zack who is also a minor. Also Tai, XL, and Charlie saw him say this because I was screen sharing. In the screenshots, it shows that he was trying to hide the fact that he was talking to her from the smash community, knowing he would get banned from it. He was extremely upset that my friends in the smash community now know that Raffi was flirting with Kish and took actions to try and prevent me and Kish's relationship. Raffi also didn't want me to know that they were flirting with each other, because I only learned from Kish telling me. Raffi also never told Kish that he played smash competitively, I was the one who told Kish that Raffi is a competitive smash player, further showing that he was trying to hide that he was talking to Kish from the Smash scene.

After learning that Tai, XL, and TheRedCharlie know that he was flirting with Kish, Raffi was concerned that people in the smash community would find out about it and that he could get banned because of it. Since he is concerned he has a chance of getting banned, he messages all three of them saying that he has learned from it and doesn't think of Kish the same anymore, but I believe he only did this because he doesn't want to be banned from the smash scene. I know he doesn't actually mean what he is saying because he doesn't even apologize to me, as Charlie suggested, but he DOES apologize to Kish. Another reason I know he hasn't actually change is because he LITERALLY says he doesn't think he did anything that bad later on in a different conversation, but I'll get to that later. Also I have certain names that Raffi said in the dms with Charlie covered, because it isn't my place to open up that can of worms on here, it would cause a whole other situation that doesn't need to be talked about to open up.

After all of this, I was just really shocked that Raffi would do all of this because I saw him as one of my best friends before learning all of this pedophilic behavior from him, but I didn't publicize anything because I wanted to believe that he actually learned from the situation. If I were to publicize all this info, it could ruin his entire smash career, and really impact his life. I tried to forget that any of this happened, and pretend that things were normal. I would continue to talk to him and Kish together in group calls, but it never really felt the same talking to Raffi after everything because I couldn't get my mind off of the fact that he acted upon his feelings he had for Kish, and tried to prevent us from getting into a relationship.

After hearing Raffi say all of that, it really affected my relationship with Kish. It caused me to feel way more insecure about myself and whether Kish still liked me or not. I would end up not feeling good about whenever Kish talked to Raffi while I'm not there, or when she didn't have time to talk to me, I felt like she was just talking to Raffi instead. I feel that it was justifiable to feel this way about them talking because of everything that happened, but I do regret feeling the way I did, acting very immature and being a bad boyfriend because of it, and not putting more trust into her, and because of my insecurities, jealousy, and concerns that she was talking to Raffi alone, she ended up wanting to break up with me.

When Kish eventually told me she wanted to break up, I was concerned for her because of everything that happened with Raffi, and that I wouldn't be there to prevent Raffi from acting pedophilic with her. Since I felt this way, I told her as we were breaking up, that if Raffi were to do anything more than what he has already done, or if it comes down to the point where me and everyone who knew the situation felt uncomfortable seeing Raffi because of what he's done, I would need to publicize this information. If I didn't he would be a danger to the people in the smash community.

After Kish and I broke up, I felt really uncomfortable knowing that Kish and Raffi were talking alone, without me there to stop anything from possibly happening, and my worst insecurities about the situation were in my mind, but I didn't contact Kish again until around a week later after winning Tai's birthday bracket "Target Test", where she congratulated me in the twitch chat. When I contacted her, I just told her that I appreciate her saying thanks, and she said to tell Tai happy bday for her.

In the next few days, Kish tweeted out I Love You 3000, and since I was so insecure about the thought of Raffi and Kish watching endgame together without me, I thought she was tweeting that out because she felt that way about Raffi. I don't think this is 100% the case and probably just me being worried about what Raffi might do, but I thought it was concerning that they were still talking together, just the 2 of them.

Not too long later, I'm in a call with my friend MewX on discord, and I was screen sharing myself play smash, and chilling with him. As I am playing, I see on Raffi's discord that he is playing Minecraft, and I knew he was playing with Kish, because he barely ever plays alone. I decide to hop onto Minecraft and join Raffi's world, and the world is named some weird inside joke, that I am assuming only Kish and Raffi know, I don't remember exactly what it was, but after that in parenthesis, it said (private, don't join pls). I joined the world and I didn't have permission to break blocks or hit Raffi.

It made me uncomfortable that Raffi and Kish were doing things together privately, and Raffi didn't tell me about any of it, so I message Kish asking if she told Raffi about what I told her about him when we broke up, where I said if Raffi does anything more, or makes me and everyone who knows about the situation uncomfortable, I'd have to publicize it. I also asked her this because I was concerned for her safety. She tells me she told Raffi, and she also told me that stuff that happens over discord isn't real, which is probably what Raffi told her to make her believe that everything that happened between them didn't matter, and she shouldn't be worried about it.

The way she was talking about how discord relationships aren't real, and how our relationship didn't mean anything made me really upset at her by this point. She also mentioned the Minecraft world name, before I even brought it up, which makes it even more suspicious. Kish says she had permissions in the world, and the supposed other people who joined the world if you believe they actually did, also had permission in the world. This made me feel Raffi was trying to prevent me from playing/talk with Kish, and if you believe that nobody but Raffi and Kish joined the world, then that means it was just a private world for them alone.

After arguing with Kish for a long time, she ends up blocking me, because she thinks that I am messed up for believing Raffi could possibly do inappropriate things with her, and I message Raffi, before trying my best to go to sleep.

When I wake up, I see a ton of messages from Raffi, and I have a long conversation with him about everything that happened. In this conversation Raffi continues to lie, changing his story multiple times, admits that he considered getting into a relationship with Kish, blames me multiple times saying it's my fault that I got into a relationship with Kish knowing stuff happened between them, and he LITERALLY SAYS HE DOESN'T THINK WHAT HE DID IS THAT BAD. At the end of the conversation he leaves by saying, I'm in the wrong, because I told Kish while we were arguing that if she didn't show me her dms with Raffi I'd need to publicize the info because it endangers her, as well as the smash community, and it isn't about only her anymore. If Kish were to not show her dms and I also don't publicize the info, then I'd be letting a possible predator stay in the community. He also says that since I tried pushing our relationship further, and that I was upset with her because I felt she was lying to me about what she was doing with Raffi, I was the one in the wrong because in the end, Kish and I aren't on good terms anymore. He basically left the conversation blaming me AGAIN, saying it's my fault everything happened, and I was just overthinking because of everything that happened in the smash community. Here is the entire conversation.

That is everything I had to say, I'm sorry it was so long. I'm doing this because I feel it is the right thing to do. I don't want to ruin Raffi's life, as much as I hate him for doing all of this messed up pedophilic stuff, I've still went through a lot of positive experiences with him, and once considered him my best friend. I'm genuinely sorry to you Raffi, but what you did wasn't right, and I would not feel comfortable seeing your face ever again in the smash community. I really hope you learn what you did was wrong, and change your life for the better, I truly do.

In terms of Kish, I ended up talking to one of her friends on discord, asking him to make sure to keep an eye on Raffi and Kish, because I am worried what Raffi could do some bad stuff to her, now that Kish and I aren't on speaking terms.

If you've read this whole thing, thank you, I know it was long, and I appreciate it more than you could know.

- DM

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