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29th Jan 2021 from TwitLonger

First twitlonger, TW ED, disordered eating, body image and body dysmorphia

Before I start I want to add trigger warnings for ED, disordered eating, body image and body dysmorphia. If you are easily triggered by these topics please dont continue reading.

Starting off I want to say that ever since I was very young I have been dealing with Eating disorders, body dysmorphia and disordered eating in general, because of the heaviness of the topic I wont go into detail but I can say that is has consumed most of my childhood and all of my teenage-years and I am still struggling with health issues related to destroying my body and starving it from nutrients for many years.

I am fully aware that I have gained a few kilos ever since quarantine started and I am actively working on losing them again, without slipping back into old habits. I work out as many times a week as my schedule allows me to do and I try to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Lately I have seen more and more comments of people commenting negatively on my body and even tho I am fully aware that that sadly is the norm as I am showing my appearance on the internet, it has gotten to a point where I wanted to say something about it.
I want people to put themselves not into my shoes, but the shoes of people in my audience who may or may have struggled with similar issues or are still very young and impressionable. It is not okay to subject people to comments like these, especially when body image and comparing bodies is something super consuming in our day in age and if the body you are commenting on is on a healthy spectrum, all you will do is trigger people into unhealthy and potentially life threatening habits. These are real people and real bodies you are commenting on and it is real potential harm you are putting people in.
So far I have ignored comments like these but from now on anything related to prior named topics will get deleted and accounts will get blocked, I am trying to have people be as comfortable as possible in my community and I do not want to look away from these comments anymore as I know how much harm they can cause.

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