My experience w/ head of Valkyries

So I think that this Twitlonger is long overdue. After all the lies spewed on the Fight Factory podcast, I have to tell my truth about the origins of my issues with Tex and Valkyries. This woman has been harassing me since 2019, & it took me this long to come forward because for a while a handful of women were enabling her harassment. I thought even if I came out with this before, it wouldn’t make a difference. Now I see the time to tell my experience is now.

Quick summary on me, for those who don’t know. Before Valkyries, I repped both FGC Sirens as well as Babeality. I’ve always been about putting women forward.

How I joined CGL: Knippz approached me, long before I even knew who Tex was, asking me if I wanted to be signed to CGL /ASPIRE. It wasn’t until weeks later that I was introduced to her as a staff member for CGL. Knippz told me that Tex wanted me to be called a “Valkyrie”, which I was fine with to spread awareness about women. That’s as far as it went with me and her. Tex did not give me an opportunity, Knippz did. She did not make me, my skills as a competitor did. I chose to help expose Valkyries, which was FULLY funded by Knippz. CGL even made the logo & other gfx.

Fast forward, and Tex & Knippz have a falling out. She expresses she wants to leave CGL, and later lies saying she did not. She wants to take Valkyries with her. Disputes between who owns Valkyries start. I’m awkwardly put in the middle. I get both their sides, but for the most part I stay neutral because I had a lot going on already in my life.

She tried to slander CGL for being sexist & not “giving women contracts” as if they did that maliciously. I did not receive a contact because Knippz wanted to sponsor me indefinitely and we BOTH agreed there was no need for one. He never denied me one, he told me whenever I wanted one I could have one. He sponsored me since and treated me amazingly the entire time, and he STILL does. He sent me out of the country TWICE (Brazil and Canada) without a contract. So trust, I definitely have plenty of that “self-worth” that she claimed I lacked on the podcast.

When confronted several times in my dms about my treatment on the team from multiple people, I made a public post & said my piece on how CGL always treated me good. They were never sexist towards me. With Knippz being my friend, the least I could do was shut down lies. After that Tex unfollowed me & began subtweeting me and Baeleena, who literally just joined Valkyries at the time. I felt so bad. I spoke my truth when Tex spewed lies, and she unfollowed me for it. That’s when I knew for sure that she was the problem.

Eventually Knippz got so tired of her lying on Twitter to incite false witch hunts that he let her have the brand. We both agreed the name was too tarnished to keep. He approached me with a choice. He asked if I wanted to rebrand a women’s division, just stay CGL, or if I wanted to leave. Of course I wanted to help build something special for women, I’ve been doing that since my arrival in the FGC. So, I hit up Candy asking if she wants to be in charge of spearheading our new women’s team. She agreed, and together we began creating Kunoichi.

Next time I heard from Tex, outside of people sending me her subtweets & screenshotted DM’s talking about me, was at KIT. Knowing she unfollowed me just for speaking my truth & began talking about me behind my back instead of coming to me directly, I felt uncomfortable around her. I still kept it cordial though, admittedly awkwardly because I never had a problem with anyone in the FGC until her. We saw each other in the bathroom, exchanged hellos, and after the event she Tweets that I & others were being “shady.” Then after that I was blocked.

I had several people reach out to her so I could try & hash things out with her like adults, because I hate drama. I was ready to be the bigger person even though the problem was 100% on her end. But, she rejected it, & remained spreading rumors. We launch Kunoichi, and the subtweeting & rumors get worse. I didn’t want that, so I continued to try to resolve things. There was only one instance in which she listened to a mutual friend & unblocked me. We had a long discord call. I thought things were finally settled, as she admitted she was wrong about everything. But, it was smoke & mirrors. She went back to harassing me, Candy, & all other women affiliated with Kunoichi.

She spread lies that we were trying to tarnish Valkyries and the QOTH series. She had other women in the community believing these lies in an attempt to tarnish Kunoichi. She even spread a lie that Valkyries had a cease and desist order against Kunoichi, and told other orgs in another attempt to hurt the Kunoichi brand. The thing that upset me the most, was other women who believed these things without hearing my side. For a short time I felt isolated because I, who never bothered anyone, wasn’t given a chance to defend myself. Neither were the other Kunoichi women.

She attacked my personal life multiple times, from harassing Forever King to telling my good friends random lies about me to make me look bad. My last straw to make me break my silence on the harassment is when she brought up how she felt she wasted time caring about me when I came out about DMS. What I went through with him was traumatic, and she threw it in my face over some petty drama that SHE created. That’s something I can never forgive, and truthfully I don’t know if I can ever forgive those who enabled her either. People like her do not deserve to be in the community. I feel for the women who were under Valkyries and had to experience her belittling. I wrote this so I could finally get it all off my chest. Though it is extremely upsetting that her unprovoked harassment of me, and other women on Kunoichi, wasn’t enough for people to see what kind of person she is, at least it’s finally coming to light now. Screenshots provided below.

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