Update TL:DR SWAT team called on me and my mother, we are ok, Police helping etc

First off, I want to thank everyone for your insane support, love and concern. My mother is ok, just pretty shaken up of course, but we've been in contact with the Local Authorities and they are actively trying to track these individuals down. We've also taken proper measures so this hopefully wont happen again. I sent an E-mail to Twitch and their legal team but we'll see if they actually do anything about it.

To catch you up to speed on what happened: Basically some trolls came into my channel yesterday during my stream and were telling me to "look outside" and saying "SWAT" in my chat. I thought they were just random trolls so I paid it no mind and kept playing Among Us and let my mods handle it. At the same time my Discord got botted and like 100+ people joined my server all at once. After my stream was over I received a phone call from my mother who was in tears and in distress telling me eight police cars rolled up at her home and all had guns pointed at her as she opened the door. She had to put her hands up and walk slowly to them and they restrained her into their vehicle. They said they received multiple calls that someone from this address said they were going to murder an infant child. They soon realized it wasn't real, searched her house, and got information from her as to why someone would do this. She then realized that it probably had something to do with me being a Twitch Streamer. Somehow, some trolls got a hold of my information and address and such and pulled this "prank". I don't know how they got it but, apparently only my old address where i used to live (currently my mother's residence) is what they found. I don't know if this was a random trolly "prank" or if it was a targeted hate crime. What I do know is that they could care less if anyone was injured or worse, as one of their comments in my chat while I was playing Among Us was: "Your going to be the next dead body if you don't look outside."

So yeah whoever the individuals are who did this...if you're reading this: I really from the bottom of my heart hope you find guidance and help in this world. Maybe you thought it was just a joke, or maybe you actively targeted me. I don't know, but what I do know is I will NEVER fight hate with hate. I only wish you find love, and resolve for the hurt and hopelessness you feel. If anyone were to be targeted I'm glad it was me and my family because we are strong, God Fearing people and will not be swayed or afraid to keep living and trying to make a positive impact on this world. You will always be in my prayers moving forward.

On another note, Streamers please protect yourselves as much as possible online. If this isn't a warning to any of you guys I don't know what will be. Things could have ended up so differently for me and or my mother yesterday. I'm so blessed and thankful to have so much support from everyone. I wont be able to respond to everyone or every DM but I've seen them all, and we really do appreciate the support. It helped us so much over these last 24 hours. Streams should still resume soon. I won't give in to fear or trolling. We. Move. Forward. Love you guys man!

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