I'm looking for a new team!

As you already know, on January 11, the ENVY organization announced the withdrawal of the CSGO team, which put me on the transfer list.

Last year was a bit unsuccessful and unfortunately I didn't have many opportunities to show my potential. Even so, I tried my best to be the best version of myself and worked hard to ensure that my team was as successful as possible internationally. In the meantime, I have improved my English and I am even better prepared for the next challenges on the international arena.

After such a bad year, I feel an incredible hunger to win and fight for every position on the HLTV rankings. I am able to devote every minute of my life to the best preparation for the next matches and tournaments. I love working for the good of the team and cooperate with people who also like me, put good preparation first and fight to the very end to achieve the desired success and fulfill all the goals and dreams I have set before. The title of "robot" in my former team was not assigned to me by accident.

While waiting for a new team, I am continuing to work hard to improve my skills to be ready for any challenge, no matter when it comes.

So far I played as entry fragger. I am most comfortable looking for duels, making a difference on the map and attacking.

I am open to suggestions from all over the world. If you think I will be the missing piece of your team, please contact me via email: michucsgobusiness@gmail.com.

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