WWRv6 Area 51

Though Brian “Benny&thejets” Navarro’s WWR perfect attendance streak is technically over, reaching Area 51 after five consecutive appearances is no small feat for the iconic R.O.B. main. Despite a small sample size, the events he played in showcased the skill and consistency he’s known for, such as 17th place at the S-tier Get On My Line 2020 and 5th at the A-tier Cosmic Kerfuffle. Across these events, he took wins over LeoN, Myles, Tweek, and Wrath, an impressive record that proves he can still hang with the best of them. Arguably, the only thing holding Benny back was his few tournament showings, and a more prolific season should propel this veteran well within the top 50.

Leaping back into WWR contention this season, “Frawg” makes it onto Area 51, furthering a reputation as one of the strongest Bayonetta players in the scene. Among his impressive results was a 7th place finish at Steal the Show #5, where he took sets from Epic_Gabriel and The6Master; and an identical finish at Derpu’s Online Tournament 2020 that saw him defeat LingLing and Pokelam. Despite the season just barely outside the top 50, Frawg is within striking distance of the rankings in any given season. The list of Bayos in the scene grows ever larger, but Frawg was there first, and he’s got the skill to prove why.

Joshua “JMafia” Rodriguez, long ago known as ZekeTRP, is a Smash 4 WWR mainstay finally making his return to the rankings conversation in Ultimate. The Yoshi titan lands in Area 51 this season on the back of excellent placings. These include a 7th place finish at his Florida brethren’s Epic_Tournament, where he defeated Myran and SKITTLES!!; and 9th place at Derpu’s Online Tournament with a win on Kiyarash. His peak came at the midseason B-tier Varsity Votes, where he soared to 2nd place defeating Epic_Gabriel, Middy, Aaron, and Sonix. Though he narrowly missed the rankings proper, results like these show that the player who made top 15 in consecutive WWR seasons hasn’t gone anywhere. JMafia should never be counted out as long as he turns out results like these.

The only member of Area 51 who’s never appeared on the WWR before, Benjerman “Loaf” Rust is no stranger to high-level competition nor rankings, standing as #2 in his home state of Minnesota. He put that experience to good use this season, accruing solid results with a precious few low finishes. He took sets over Benny&thejets and Salem en route to 7th at the first Frame Perfect Series Online, and picked up wins over Raffi-X, colinies, and Enarmonia across the rest of his impressive early-season showings. Wielding the ever-terrifying Wario, Loaf is not a name to overlook when he enters events, and needs little more to make it over the hump and onto the top 50.

Joseph “Yosefu” Helmert is our final player on this season’s Area 51, and another returnee from Smash 4’s rankings after a long absence. He’s since traded in his Little Mac for a strong Simon, and it’s resulted in top 3 finishes in two state rankings and a slew of impressive online placings this season. He achieved top 16 finishes at S-tier Super Smash Galaxy and A-tier TNS: Pandemic Monthly 5.5, and a 17th at S-tier Lockhart Series. Though no single tournament saw him take more than one win against the top 50, his spread-out victories over Aaron, Chag, and Sonix speak plenty to the caliber of player he is. YoseFu’s approach to the rankings is no surprise to those who know his name, and those who don’t are sure to learn it soon if he keeps his trajectory. For now, he finishes off Area 51, and looks to chain it into an even better result next time around.

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