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17th Jan 2021 from TwitLonger

Thank you

I was inspired by Decod's retirement message and I've been thinking about making one lately. So here I go.

I had a blast this past 4 years playing overwatch, I started just as a kid who'd play Overwatch after school. I'm thankful for the opportunity given to me only at 16 when I joined GamersOrigin back in contenders season 0 during summer break. We didn't perform but I learned a lot from it.
After that I didn't really play at a high level, I joined and played with mixes in contenders. The fun part during that period was playing LAN's in France, I miss those times.

My first big step was playing with HSL and managing to qualify for contenders all the way from Open Division, I still remember playing with Sardis Ascoft ProGi Tek36 and Hidan. Then I later joined One.Point, it was really short but I enjoyed playing with Engh Scaler Chubz, it was really fun.

I then took a break for personal reasons, I came back and was looking at my opportunities, I had a trial in Paris Academy, but GetAmazed convinced me to commit to joining Third Impact. The best memory I have from playing Overwatch was with these guys. I'll admit I had doubts at the beginning, but once we picked up the pace, it was only upwards from there.
I enjoyed every second, and I'm sad we couldn't go to OWL together as a team.

-Thank you Zenith, you are the best coach I ever had, the best leader. I'm really sad you haven't gotten the opportunity to prove yourself in the big league. I'm proud to have played and have you as a coach.
-Thank you Sword, even though we memed you a lot, you proved yourself as a really good strategic coach, and I don't think we could've played at this level without you.
-Thank you Natter, I appreciate all the 1o1's we did so I could improve, you're a really good coach, and very educational, you were always clear and that's what was amazing with you.
-Thank you Alice, god-tier manager, what else can I say, I don't know how you didn't boom by being around this team full of crazy people

Now to the players aaaaaaaaaaa
-I'll start with Decod, my EU bro. It was so good to play with you, you were the example in the team. Never tilted, always made useful comments. I'm really sad that people didn't look at you because of your age :(
-iCy, always late but you were so damn good on offtank, and so funny at the same time. You went through some unlucky stuff but you still kept going, it was inspirational
-Ta1yo, my japanese brother, never change dude, you're so pure, so funny, and talented. Hope you get the chance to show your mcree with Shock one day... I'll always remember the flanks
-Hyun, u are cracked, best flexsupport I know, this year you will pop off and win MVP - you're the best
-Zholik, the canadian, you were in my opinion the best main support in contenders when we played together, you ult tracked perfectly, even got the percentage right, like that's crazy. so many funny moments together thank you
-Carter, we didn't get to play a lot together but it was awesome to play with you, cracked aim on widow, I still have junkertown against a certain owl team in my mind where u just 1v6

Finally, thank you to Lilbow for giving me a trial and making it possible for me to join OWL.
Thank you Barroi, ALBRO and spazzo, I tried my best to be the best player for the team, and I wouldn't have been satisfied with my play in play-ins without your insights.
Thanks to all the players in Toronto, Seb you are inspirational, you kept grinding t2 for so long and it paid off, it's unfortunate that they didn't keep you :(

I'll be now moving on and I will try to play Valorant as a pro. I appreciate all the support the fans gave me and I hope you'll still support me even if I move on to Valorant. I made amazing friends, met amazing people throughout this adventure.
Thank you again,

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