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17th Jan 2021 from TwitLonger

The end of an era: Farewell to Lightee

This Thursday Lightee informed our MDI team of his intention to retire immediately following Cup 1. I am simultaneously sad to no longer get to compete with my friend, and also angry at Blizzard for its handling of the MDI that all but guaranteed this outcome.

The MDI has become an increasingly bad proposition for its players. The seasons have gotten longer, requiring even more commitment to a tournament that already takes over your life for several months. An extra day has been added to each cup, leaving even less "free" days for players each week. The MDI kicked off barely a month after Nathria was released so that only a small handful of guilds have finished progression and effectively preventing any participation in a raiding guild for the duration of this season. The NA and EU regions have been combined without a meaningful increase to the prize pool, so teams stand to earn less than they did last season. Only six Western teams can advance to global finals, instead of the eight possible spots from last season. So it comes as no surprise that Lightee, who has the opportunity to make more money in less time by competing in Path of Exile races that he can stream the entirety of, has decided that the MDI is a not a good use of his time.

I'd like to thank Lightee for being essentially my co-captain through three long years of MDI and helping bring a championship to NA. He's been a fixture on my teams since the beginning, and it's hard to imagine playing without him. His mind and skill are world class, but his attitude and work ethic truly made him the consummate teammate. I know he will continue to dominate whatever game he sets his sights on, and if dungeons had rafters then his jersey would be hanging from them.

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