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17th Jan 2021 from TwitLonger

The Future of Moon Raccoons and myself.

Introduction to why this situation happened:

So as many people know Fiend, Aleksandar, and Temperature have all stepped down from Moon Raccoons. This came from a long discussion where after months of turning down individual offers and waiting for an Organization, it got to the point where the waiting became painful for many of us. This being said the decision the players made was truly a tough one with how many hours of our life were dedicated to this project to leave that would be tough for anyone. This is combined with the team has been within a tryout situation for majority of its inception many players did not want to go through that experience again since its a tough and labored one and I don't blame them. I still love all those guys to death and will root for them no matter the situation.

Now to talk about Moon Raccoons as a team:

Moving Forward I do plan on continuing the team and bringing it to the glory we weren't able to bring it to that we wished for. I've been in this situation multiple times with the first interation of Moon Raccoons and the second as well where I trust in my abilities in building rosters that will continue to win games. This will be a long process that I trust fans of the team will give time for it to continue to fruition and completion, but I trust in mine and RaptorZ skill to make it work. Besides that I wanted to bring up the fact I may not be with the roster to continue this but my dream is to push it to the furthest it can go. I do not believe success between Moon Raccoons and me needing to play is mutually exclusive but I do know I will make it work through the time I am given to do so.

Finally What will I do?:

After weighing the options it would be dumb of me to not at the very least test the waters and see what opportunities are out there. Being truthfully honest I feel the value of IGL's in the scene are not at the level as I believe they should be meaning there is a good chance I will be rebuilding with Moon Raccoons. I wanted to look at options incase the right opportunity comes up I would be comfortable taking. If you are turned away from stats or performance I will easily prove you wrong and show it was a circumstance of situations. So here is what we can offer.

What I can offer to your Organization:
* Top Tier IGLing and Leading able to be vouched by many teammates who have said is the best Leader/IGL they have played with.
* System and culture building to create a winning atmosphere in order to create a dynasty not just a tournament win.
* Talent finding and team creation that has been shown with past results.
* Tier 1 level of competition and experience
* Flexible agent pool
* Willing to take a Coach role if the situation is a good one.


Saying this does not mean I am giving up on Moon Raccoons quite the opposite. I will continue to build the team even if I get an offer in my off time to continue that dream. Mainly wanted to see what my options are since my dream is to compete for a living in this game whatever option that is. No matter what Moon Raccoons has a special place in my heart from creating in over 5 months ago, my regret is that I didn't do it sooner. In the end you gotta live your life and enjoy every hour it gives you so live off one principle "Fuck it".

Team went seperate ways due to circumstances out of our control. Will continue to build Moon Raccoons while exploring options if one option does happen thats not Moon Raccoons I am committed to keeping the name alive through the time I will have.

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