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15th Jan 2021 from TwitLonger

ESIC ban reduced. March 13th

I’m able to confirm today that my ESIC ban has been reduced with 45%, meaning that I will be unbanned in two months, by March 13th.

I was advised to contact ESIC and decided to do that back in October. I wanted to see if my attempt in contacting the CSGO devs back in 2018 right after the incident ment anything to ESIC in terms of competitive integrity.
After a lengthy process I had a hearing on the 29th of Dec together with the commissioner of ESIC and also Kevin Carpenter, who acts as the chair of the independent panel.
I was informed that my actions, according to the matrix was a confession accepted in full (25%) and having shown assistance in the investigation (20%) according to the commissioner.
The commissioner said during the hearing that he had sympathy with me because the bug “came” to me, and that he believed I acted correctly when I decided to stop it and report it to the developers.
The reason why I wanted to share this is because even though I did something terribly wrong, it feels “better” knowing I did at least do something right in all of this. I guess.
As I mentioned earlier back in September, I acted irrationally in the heat of the moment and I just wish my brain could’ve reacted 10 minutes faster than it did. But it didn’t and it is what it is. If anyone of you reading this are faced in a similar scenario as me in the future, my advice would just be to think 'what would the people I respect the most think of me doing this'. I don't have a better advice than that but I wish I would've thought like that back in 2018 when it happened.

With this said I would like to say that I hope by the middle of March the community can accept me again. If some of you don’t I totally understand and respect it.
I do hope I can come back and coach again. That’s what I love. Trying to help people becoming better at what they love. I have learned a lot these last 7 years as a coach(mostly) and wish to continue learning. I do not want to go to any other game. CS has been my passion since 2001 and it still is.
I will not accept any offers as an “analyst” or whatever until the 13th of March, as I wish to respect the ban handed by ESIC.

If you wish to contact me, you can do it either through twitter DM or my email officialpita@gmail.com
The ESIC commissioner Ian Smith messaged me after the process and offered himself to answer any questions or concerns to organizations regarding my case. If so you can contact him directly.

I have made one more statement where I talk more open about all of this and other topics, including valve commitments to CSGO and more. Im not sure when I will share it with you but hope to do it soon. Take care.


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