Bob7 · @Bob7Official

14th Jan 2021 from TwitLonger

Regarding Destiny's False Allegations

Earlier this month Destiny made vague allegations against me on stream.
Destiny not only spread false allegations against me but did so intentionally in an attempt to cancel me.
These allegations caused me to LOSE MY JOB, lose all my respect in the community, and even harmed personal friendships.
Destiny and Boze rounded up my friends from twitch and even my employer and told them lies about me.
The girls involved already know they are lies. I will leave it up to them what they want to say publicly.
Destiny wanted to cancel me and he did not care about the lack of evidence.

I can not make it clear enough how serious this is. He attempted to ruin my life and fucked with the lives of my friends.

Below is a 39 page document explaining the reality of everything that happened. It includes 250+ individual screenshots to add context to all my claims.
Destiny wanted to prove that I spill his personal information so badly that he tried to cancel me just so that he would be right.

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