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14th Jan 2021 from TwitLonger

Serious: Sav has passed away.

Hello everyone.

It hurts having to share this reality with the rest of you, but it was made aware to me yesterday that Sav has passed away.
I had been worried about him and as a last resort I sent some emails about a month ago to his private email that I found from a donation in 2016.

I recieved an answer yesterday, from his brother.
I was asked to share this information with individuals who have known him and cared to ask, but since Sav was part of so many peoples lives and helped bring laughs and advice to so many of us I needed to take some time to figure out how to properly share this with the rest of you.

The family has asked for anyone that wishes to send or share anything, to do so through a mental health charity or become an advocate for suicide prevention.

Remember Sav for his undying urge to help others, for his unselfishness and for his enormous positivity.

Please, for the respect of the family - stop any speculation regarding this here.

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