I won’t make this long, just want to say a thank you to all the friends I've made in esports over the years and to announce my "Retirement", if you could call it that.

I've made some great memories and met some fantastic people through my playing career and my more recent expansion into casting/hosting. However, I lost a lot of motivation for my work in esports through the lockdown. I kind of realised that what I love the most about UK LoL are the in-person events and getting to spend time working/socialising face to face with friends and colleagues. I’ve recently started a new role at the Office for National Statistics in Wales as well which I'm getting on really well with, meaning I have even less time to commit.

I won't disappear, whenever events start back up again I can't wait to see you all. I'll remain an avid supporter of UK Esports and I may still come back for small casting/hosting opportunities that open up when I have time.

Best of luck in the upcoming season to everyone and I can’t wait to continue to see UK esports grow, even if it’s a little more from the sidelines.

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