ATK Doru · @Doru_cs

6th Jan 2021 from TwitLonger

My leave from ATK

Ultimately this decision sucked to make, my CS career is something I've put absolutely everything I could into. The guys from ATK whether in the CS team or any other title, as well as, the whole team behind the brand, are an incredible group of people. It has been hands down the best organisation I've had the privilege of partaking in and the org owner himself ATK Flea is doing absolute wonders for the scene in general and giving these up and coming youth in the scene a chance to actually get that experience that they deserve. I fully believe the CS team are going to do what we intended to do from the first day and that's to prove ourselves and show what we are worth, I unfortunately have to end that dream due to personal reasons such as studying opportunities and unfortunately all those real life decisions that come into affect one day or another. With that said I was over the moon with joy when I heard Mango was gonna possibly be joining in my place, he is young, talented and has his whole life still ahead of him, you can see just by looking at him the drive and passion he has to give to the team and to really excel. I really want to say another big thank you to ATK and everyone working behind the scenes, you guys are doing and absolute incredible job! Keep it up!

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