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4th Jan 2021 from TwitLonger

We are disbanding

Yesterday @D2Eesports has decided to drop us due to financial issues, as they lost their main sponsor. Also in the same day @shaiKcsgo told us that he is leaving us because got an offer from another team. Because of those unfortunate circumstances, we are disbanding our team.

I would like to thank @D2Eesports for being really nice to us and pleasant to work with in this short period of time that we were together. I hope they will comeback from this difficult situation. Also, a special shoutout to @mvsebush for being such a stand up guy! Wish you nothing but the best brother!

To my teammates I wish nothing but the best, it was such a joy and honor playing with every single one of you, or shall I say coaching you. Hope you guys find success wherever you continue your career. Much love @choiv7csgo @milky_csgo @shaiKcsgo @csgosteffe

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