The future of MMG

Due to the disappearance of MMG's CEO ( @gaberen ) the organization's players and staff have decided to disband. With a lack of salaries and prize winnings, members of the organization have been pushed to make this decision.

All players' contracts are now void due to the Occupational Abandonment clause. Thus, all players are now Free Agents and are exploring opportunities. Gabe and Chase founded MMG in June. The combined effort of players, management, and staff has allowed the organization to thrive during the past six months.

Thank you for your continuing support during this difficult time. RT's and vouches would be much appreciated. Let MMG serve as a testament to the success that can be achieved in such a short time due to hard work. However, let MMG also serve as a warning to the esports community. Mamba Mode Gaming has always operated based on the #MambaMentality , intending to honor the late Kobe Bryant's memory through hard work and dedication.

Our new Twitter accounts are below:

Main Team: @monkemodegaming
Academy Team: @BabyMonkiesVal

In the case that Gabe returns and deletes this Twitlonger, the post will be archived on my account - @Cad6_

Anyone wishing to contact the former members of MMG can contact them via their @ 's below.

To gain more information about the Gabe Ren situation specifically, please contact me on Twitter or Discord - Cad#6254

Until next time,

- @Cad6_

With the future of MMG uncertain, we'd like to send a final thanks to current and past members/supporters of MMG.



Chase: @_chase1g
Zeck: @zecK_CSGO
Harmon: @HarmonVAL1
Screwface: @ScrewFaceVAL
Payen: @pay3n
Critical: @Critical_Val
Osias: @OsiasPH
Wedid: @WedidValorant
Infamous: @Inf4mousEnergy
Rileyjay: @rileyjayyy
eVoL: @eVoL_FPS
tex: @texerino
Bjor: @Bjorlulu
Papamax: @Papamax89


ART1C: @art1cFPS
Joba: @JoBahh
Kushay: @Kushay1224
Jacob: @jacobVIII
Jayzero: @jayzero__
Desperado: @desperadoval
Atlas: @atlasz_z
Frosty: @FrostyValorant
Abram: @AbramVALORANT
Bearz: @BearZ_VAL
Beaver: @beaver_sky
Frog: @FrogValorant
Okeanos: @OkeanosQT
Hyjinx: @hyjinxVAL
Hope: @HopeVAL__
Lukeyboo: @lukeyboo2

Rocket League:

Comp: @Comp_RL
Blaze: @BlazeRL_
Sotus: @SotusTV
Dark: @_DarkRL
Evil: @KBMEvil


Creed: @902Creed
Lorenzo: @AstonLorenzoval
Kevin: @MC_Lelicious
Testy: @TestyFPS_
MoonChopper: @RealMoonChopper
Keynewt: @keynooot
Nosocks: @NoSocks__
Cad: @Cad6_
Omuru: @1nLuv1
Alien: @AlienTwelve
Clear: @Clear_Val
Kamilion: @KingNuzzle
Khazix: @KhazixMayJump
JD: @jdizzle513
Jordan: @JordanWasTaken_
nosey: @TNosey
Bootz: @ImBootz
Guts: @retrocynical
P1pOz: @p1pOz
Majestic: @majesticediting
Sathvik: @sathvikbas
Gamerdoc: @ItsGamerDoc
Chicky: @chickychickgg
Jackson: @lv_jackson
Epic: @designs_ward

My apologies to anyone I forgot to mention. There are many more supporters that have helped the organization along the way. Thanks again!

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