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aha hey guys

this is gonna be a tough one to type so bare with any errors

BUT, as of today I am released from Cloud 9. To explain the situation... got a message yesterday inquiring about having a meeting today. Then today got into the meeting with the Fortnite manager (Robin) over at C9 who basically immediately informed me that myself and Chap would be getting released today. There was no real explanation. Tbh I doubt Robin knew why as the only explanation he got for the decision was "visibility." Not entirely sure what that means but figured I'd let you guys know as much as I do. As far as I know, Avery, Nosh, and Fryst are still on the C9 roster and have no idea what C9's plans are for the future of Fortnite.

I'm not mad or upset at C9. I understand that it's just business. But I just think it's just crazyyyy how we can commit to an org for 2-3 years and have no say what or where we go but then they can decide to do whatever they want with us whenever they want. I'm not going to be an advocate for it, but I really hope there are some changes for the sake of the players.

This whole situation has made me appreciate the guys over at Team Liquid so much more. No offense to C9 but it genuinely broke my heart to leave Team Liquid because I know what kind of people are at Liquid and I genuinely saw myself spending, what could have been, the rest of my life there. Whether it ended up being pro play, management, etc... I still have some of the people I worked with on Liquid hit me up to this day to check on me and that is just so awesome. You guys know who you are. (Sorry for including this bit, but I never got to publicly state how much I appreciated Team Liquid in between the contract dealings so here that is.. sorry it is late Steve/Team Liquid <3).

THAT being said, I would also like to take the time to let all my fans know and all of the Fortnite community that I don't have the energy to search for another organization at this time and I don't want to continue professional play without having a guaranteed form of income.

SOO... I guess you can say I retire :)

I expect myself to still play Fortnite and stream it and still compete in some tournaments. But scrims? Haven't been fun in a while and I don't want to play them so I'm not going to. Want to go back to being happy and doing something I enjoy.

and to make the haters happy... yes I fully am aware that this year wasn't the best or up to par of my previous years of competition. But I will never remember the negative part of this experience.

What's next..?

Well I still like Fortnite and the community and those that support me. Hopefully the community still accepts me in some way shape or form. But I would like to become, of sorts, an analyst. Would love to be included in the broadcasts as someone who can explain the things that are happening in the game and why they are happening on a level that no one else has done before. I think my experience and knowledge of the game could really up the level of these segments. We shall see. I will try really hard to get into the space, but currently there are many talented individuals that you guys respect and trust for those segments and I don't want to hinder that!

I'm really excited for this and I hope it works out.

Other than that... if you choose to discontinue your support as of now, I understand and I love you for supporting me for the time that you did. I can't possibly see how there would ever be a better part of my life than this part, where I got to play video games for a living haha. I ended up making my childhood dream come true. Hopefully it inspires some of you.

- Vivid

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