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30th Dec 2020 from TwitLonger


The changes i have made to MDT regarding not including NPC and mapping data will be reverted. Refunds can be requested via patreon DMs or nnoggiewow@gmail.com

To the people that want MDT to continue: I invite you to contribute to MDT once again over at https://github.com/Nnoggie/MythicDungeonTools

I apologize to the people of my community, who have supported me throughout the years - i failed you and i am sorry for that. Taking away from MDT was never fair to you guys and i see that now. I fucked up.

I honestly never made it hard for people to dislike me but what i experienced over the last week from the wow community is something i never thought i would see and it contributed to putting me in a very dark place. I hope i can get out of it with the help of my family and friends but currently not a day goes by without me having bad thoughts.

I have received massive targeted harassment including smear campaigns on social media and news websites, publishing doctored screenshots of messages i never wrote, being compared to and called a rapist, being called a misogynist, being the target of spam attacks on my email adresses, doxxing, receiving messages urging me to take my own life and death threats.

Some of these attacks already began during and before the World First Race.

I want it to stop.

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