Jamal🇵🇰 · @DOC7ERR

29th Dec 2020 from TwitLonger

Time to rest.. .

Long story short! Man’s getting old and need to start helping my dad in business or whatever life throws at me since im the only son. Tho Blessed to have such an amazing family i wasnt forced or anything but i think now is the right time to start taking things practically. Because i cannot manage both right now. Been thinking about this from October 2020 but then we as a team never got time to rest! Its been a hell of a run. I achieved so much during my reign and one thing im always gonna be proud of is that i was always at the top. Well with that said its time to step down and enjoy the game from the crowd’s POV. Im still with my team its a family now but will not play competitive anymore. Not just competitive but as whole not gonna be gaming anymore as casual gaming never satisfy my thirst. This 9th January game is gonna be my last game. Just gonna rest after this. Maybe one fine day you’ll see me again when the time is right. Till then remember me in your good words.
Jamal “Doc7er” khan.

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