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24th Dec 2020 from TwitLonger

PUBG could EASILY be a much better game…

PUBG could EASILY be a much better game…

I was recently streaming Rocket League, and I discussed how good the core gameplay is. It’s so good that the devs don’t really need to add anything to the game. Other games like this include CS:GO, DOTA, LoL, and Minecraft. The core gameplay in these games is so good. Meanwhile there are many other games that push out content updates in an attempt to retain players. It doesn’t work because the core gameplay just isn’t there. PUBG is one of these games.

Although I believe PUBG is a bit of a lost cause, I still love the game. I also believe the game has never refined its core gameplay. Instead, PUBG has pushed tons of new content, some of which is great, and a lot of which is bad. PUBG started with a winning formula, but then it began to branch out and experiment with new map sizes, game modes, etc. In my opinion this is one of the game’s biggest mistakes. Not only did a lot of this new content, specifically maps, stray from the core gameplay, but it also split the player base. The game could retain so many more players if the focus was on core gameplay.

People are always asking me what I think they should add to or change about PUBG, so I figured I’d make a short list of things that could be EASILY CHANGED. At this point I’d be a fool to think the community or myself could have an impact on the game, so I’m just doing this for fun.

Circle Settings – Can’t believe we’re still taking about this, but circles are too fast and don’t do enough damage. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. The fact that you can sit outside the play zone with very little penalty is bad. The point of the circle is to push players into it. The fact that you can’t outrun or outwalk circles is bad. In my opinion Warzone has the best circle settings of any mainstream BR.

Miramar Circles – Miramar circles are almost always central. The map is huge, but it feels much smaller because players are almost always in the same part of the map. The first circle should be a bit bigger and able to spawn on edges of the map. Erangel could benefit a bit from this as well.

End game hard shifts – Should not exist.

Map Selection – We can’t have map selection in NA/EU, but Erangel and Miramar should have a huge priority over the other maps. Whether or not you like the other maps, the core of PUBG is in Erangel and Miramar.

Loot – Can’t believe we’re still taking about this either, but there needs to be more loot, especially on Miramar. Erangel loot is very good right now, but there needs to be more meds. I am not at all an advocate for esports loot. Sometimes you might get crappy weapons. That’s what battle royale is all about. However, more meds are needed, especially now that the average skill level is higher. It would be interesting to see a pseudo random style loot table. For example, a given city could be guaranteed to have between x and y number of first aids.

Flare guns – Flare guns are awesome, but the supply amount should be removed. Why does it even exist? There are three possible flare guns per match. There should be no circumstance where a player shoots a flare gun and get’s nothing. I see people shoot the flare gun and get no drop almost every day I play the game.

Ammo – Remove 15 and 20 round ammo boxes. A pistol should come with a minimum of 30 bullets. ARs should come with a minimum of 60.
Knock/bleed mechanic – Dying faster on consecutive knocks should be removed. This is one of several things that has been in the game since day one and has never been changed. It’s pointless. Getting knocked late game and bleeding fast because you were knocked several times on your hot drop 30 minutes ago is ridiculous.

Reticles – Add custom reticles for everything. I no longer want to use a giant rectangle bird for my pistol or Jupiter for my shotgun.
Stop calling PUBG a survival game – PUBG is not a survival game. DayZ and Don’t Starve are survival games. PUBG is a battle royale game. The core of battle royale is that there are 100 players on a map trying to be the last one standing however they choose. The game should not encourage or discourage any specific playstyle. One team might be landing safe and laying in bushes. Another might be driving around chasing kills. Another is setting up a road block. Another is setting a gas trap. Another is tactically going for the win. This is the beauty of battle royale.

Remove bots – Bots are terrible. So bad. If PUBG wants a way to train new players, make an offline mode. Or don’t. We already have TDM.

There are probably more, but these are just off the top of my head. Most importantly, these are all things that can be EASILY changed and don’t require new additions to the game. GGs

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