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25th Nov 2020 from TwitLonger

LPL Hall of Fame officially established

It’s been 8 years since the LPL was established in 2013. Every achievement along the way is inseparable from the contributions of generations of players. The LPL wishes to honor players and esports practitioners who have made significant contributions to the development of LPL at the highest level, and therefore officially announces the establishment of the LPL Hall of Fame.

The LPL Hall of Fame seeks to improve the professional ecosystem by precipitating the importance of culture and professionalism in esports, giving every practitioner a chance to celebrate their accomplishments and contributions to the industry, as well as to capture the best moments in their legacy. We hope that the Hall of Fame will inspire players to strive for greater heights in their career, and for practitioners to cherish their work as part of the LPL community, ultimately growing and developing the industry in the long run.

LPL Hall of Fame Nomination Conditions
In order to ensure that the members who are selected into the LPL Hall of Fame are qualified, we have set the nomination conditions and rules for LPL players and practitioners.

For players, those who have retired for more than three years can be nominated for the LPL Hall of Fame. The evaluation process will involve renewing the players’ performances in domestic and international competitions, as well as their major contributions to the League of Legends scene. Additionally, players need to have had a positive social influence and reputation, and have no serious professional violations or illegal behaviors during their careers.

For practitioners, those who have been engaged in a single job for more than five years also have the opportunity to be nominated. The evaluation process will involve reviewing the practitioners’ honors in the field of practice, as well as outstanding achievements in the industry. Likewise, practitioners need to have a positive social image and no serious professional violations or illegal acts.

LPL Hall of Fame Selection Process
The selection process for the LPL Hall of Fame is divided into three steps.

Step 1: Official Nominations. The LPL Tournament Committee will nominate 1-3 players or esports professionals each year, with a maximum of 3 candidates, with no special requirements for the allocation of players and practitioners. When offering the nomination, the LPL Tournament Committee will provide a detailed justification for each nomination, including career accolades, outstanding contributions, etc., at the time of nomination.

Step 2: Publicize. After the official nomination, the nominees' profiles and notable achievements will be accessible to the public for one week. During the publicity period, LPL esports practitioners can monitor and provide feedback if there're any major violations of the candidate's conduct. After publicizing, if the candidate has no major violations, he or she will be granted Hall of Fame membership.

Step 3: Award. After publicizing, the candidate will be officially inducted into the LPL Hall of Fame during the LPL All-Star Weekend of the corresponding year. This year's LPL All-Star Week will award the first group of LPL Hall of Fame members on site.

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