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22nd Nov 2020 from TwitLonger

My side.

Ok so first of all I just want to put it out there that I know my actions are unacceptable and there is no excuse for what I have done and I sincerely apologise to everyone. I don’t deserve a platform for what I have done so therefore I am removing it and I am leaving everything online behind me going to a doctor and fixing myself.

Me and maage were close friends. We talked every day for months. I never ever thought twice I’d become the way I was with him for one second but at the time he came I had no one, I was in no right frame of mind to be speaking to anyone but I opened up to maage and he did to me, I would never ever sexually abuse or be interested in any kids at all ever and I never thought out of all people Charlie (maage) would do this to me because as much as I opened up to him, he opened up to me. After a while of being friends he admitted feelings for me. It did come across as a shock and that’s when I should have blocked him but I continued to speak to him and then I created this bond with him that I shouldn’t have, I have seen Charlie is receiving hate but this is in no way his fault, I am the one in the wrong I shouldn’t have carried on getting close to him and stopped opening up to him but I was mentally unwell and he was the only person that was there for me out of everyone irl and online. It’s fucked that I have done this to myself and everyone who believed in me. I still want the best for maage and his career and I should have never got involved with anyone younger than me at all. I won’t be coming back to any of my socials again, I’m going to see a doctor about my mental health and I’m going to fix my life, I opened up to the wrong person and I got addicted to the feeling of not being alone anymore. I’m truly so sorry.

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