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17th Nov 2020 from TwitLonger

Russian Canadians and myself

Hey you guys and gals. First off, would like to apologize to everyone for not putting out an explanation to the swecan situation early. I wanted to think for a while and I really didn’t want to say anything at first because to be completely honest I just lost so much motivation and love for cs so fast I literally didn’t care. Now I see and feel that I shouldn’t go out like that. I owe it to all the friends and amazing people I’ve met over the last 6 years.

Secondly I’m sorry to you Dylan, I’m sorry Austin and I’m sorry David. You guys should’ve gotten your playoffs but you didn’t. I was part of the reason that didn’t happen. After Wayne left us I gave up. Mixed with irl problems I wasn’t in a good mindset mentally. Call me what you want, I was done. For me I was playing for the chance at money, the chance at pro. I couldn’t afford to play csgo at this level for fun or for experience. We talked about it all season long, it was either make it or that was it for me. After the mess that was the whole wolfy/wolffe situation, as well as losing our sixth gear sponsor, I could see this coming. I should have communicated to everyone that I was not going to show up for playoffs and I was not going to play a 4v5. I had too many problems irl that I was trying to juggle that I chose to hide from it all come playoff match day. I don’t need any sympathy from anyone nor do I feel I deserve any I’m simply saying I was overwhelmed and chose to not play for my own sake. It was selfish but I’m going to own it. Sorry to you boys. I know things ended horribly but I still love you guys. I don’t expect that to change anything and you can still feel how you feel about me. Austin hope you kick ass in college brother, you never failed to make me laugh and I’ll remember those stupid jokes forever. David you are genuine soul and I love our inside jokes, we gotta take a March to the parkour sometime. Dylan, I said this before but you didn’t deserve any of this. You’re a hard working guy and you have to be the most mature 18 old I’ve ever met. It’s unfortunate I didn’t get to spend more time with you, I really enjoyed watching the little bit of anime we watched, and the after practice convos we had. Hope you find a new team and kill it next season.

Sorry to all the people I let down by not playing, this is not how I wanted this to end but all things must end eventually. Some good news for myself now because this shit sounds like I’m at my own funeral. I just found a new job last Friday and I finally kicked my addiction to marijuana. So yay for me. Csgo was and still is my favorite game but I’m done. I wish nothing but the best for all gamers still chugging along in cs and to the ones that have moved on to Val or to something else. Goodbye friends :)

(If you unfollow I understand, I won’t be nearly as active on here so...)

TLDR: J0lz, Austin and Saturn are cool guys and I apologize for being a fuckup for 10 minutes.

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