Leaving @EXCEL and LEC/LOL

TLDR: Leaving Excel Esports and league of legends to take on a new UK focused opportunity.

Today is my last day with Excel Esports.

It's fair to say i didn't expect to be writing this so soon, but such is the nature of the esports industry that things move super fast and new opportunities can come out of nowhere.

Excel has been the most incredible home to me over the last 1.5years. For me, it specifically represented both the opportunity to work directly with the LEC again, and more importantly, the ability to go back home for the first time in my career.

I've worked with some truly amazing people over this time, and learnt a ridiculous amount. I'm also glad that i was able to come in and help steer the ship as Excel grew from their LEC life start. We built new plans (how often i banged on about 2years xd), we created a new task orientated work style, a performance system for different departments, and a whole bunch more. Everything needed to truly help Excel drive forward.

These things would never have been in place without the teachings of Wouter who i cannot thank enough. For taking me under his wing and allowing me to take on large scale projects and trusting me to deliver, including the new website/brand/shop project which was quite something. I'm glad that, despite missing the last couple weeks of it, we were able to see it fully through and get it out there for the world to see.

To Ryan, my partner in crime within ops, it's been incredible to see how much you've come on and grown man! From starting off fighting fires each day, to now entirely building and running complete projects such as the neosurf cup (insane props for that man!), the new office, the NLC team and setup etc. Keep at it and your career is truly set to go far within this industry. Keep killing it!

To the Darby brothers, thank you for giving me this opportunity and trusting in me to help take you guys forward. This chance really helped solidfy not just my esports life, but my family and social life which again is something i cannot ever thank you enough for. Loved working with you both.
Kieran, you passion cannot be beaten and you're just an absolute laugh to work with! Keep driving Excel forward everyday.
And to Joel especially, who i worked with closely, there isn't enough superlatives i can give you. Not just in the projects you did with me, but in your mentorship and help towards me in my work/life balance and mental health. Wishing you the best in your new venture buddy!

To Joey and Fabian. We had quite the year! I certainly didn't expect to be out in Berlin for the first 1.5months of last season but man am i glad it happened as i got to meet and bond with two of the most passionate esports people i've ever met. Not only did I just have an incredible time, but it left me with the upmost confidence that you are the people to truly take Excel's LEC team forward. The 2 year plan lives on!

Logan, Nathan, Robin, Milly, Patrick, Jay, Aaron, Simon B, Adam, Danny, Simon P, the players and others before them, thank you for making this time working with you all such a blast. I'm grateful to be able to call you all friends now.

And of course...to the Excel fans. It was a hell of a year in the LEC and fortnite. We've done a lot internally to set ourselves up for performance success, and done so much to push out a brand and merch that i hope many of you now identify with even more. Stick with these guys throughout the whole journey. This team is headed far and i promise you will be rewarded for it.


Next steps?
For now im taking a couple weeks off before i start my next challenge. Haven't really had a day off all year (such was the weird nature of last 10months) so pretty excited to restup. Dont think i realised how quite worn out i was.

My commitement has and always will remain towards building UK Esports. I've had an opportunity i felt i could not turn down, as it very much builds into this ideology, and i look forward to starting there such that we can continue this great path the UK scene is building towards. Alas it also means stepping away from league of legends.
My passion to help build the UK esports industry outweighs my passion for LOL i'm afraid.

It will feel weird not working in LOL anymore, specifically the LEC which has become my home. That competition has been my life for almost 4 years now in esports in some shape or form. Met so many people, made so many contacts, visited so many places. Just ridiculous to think back on.
I doubt it's my last time in this space....i love it too much, but for now, thank you to all those i've had the chance to interact with and get to know.
Genuinely been an absolute pleasure every single day working with all those at Riot. Never realised so many people could have so much care and dedication towards the same goal. Wishing you all the best.

Now to go enjoy my holiday in lockdown xddd.

See you all soon.
Grant <3

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