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14th Nov 2020 from TwitLonger

[Announcement] This may be a big surprise…

It actually did for me as well. I refused some good offers that would look great on my resume. In the short run, that would be the best path for esports; compete and win some more titles, gain just some more on my list of achievements. It actually was painful to refuse them, but my current decision feels like the right one.

The thing is… I DO want to compete at the highest level. I still have my dreams to make consecutive world championship runs. However when I visualize myself doing this right now, in the current culture and structure of esports… it wouldn’t make me happy. I’ve lost myself before due to my personal (and competitive) environment and I don’t want it to happen again. It’s easy for it to happen in an esports career.

So this is what my current dharma turned out to be: professionalize esports. If I don’t see myself in the current culture/structure competing at the highest level, then I’m going to make one where I will be able to. And ideally this would be the new standard. Where longevity can be achieved and where life gets more healthy and meaning. Just like in traditional top sports.

This is a long con game I’m going to play. Hence why I’m signing for 2 years with LowLandLions. I will get the chance to work with amazing people and tools to further develop coaching & recruitment methods. Again, with aim to create new standards for esports. LLL share this vision I have. So I’m really stoked for the new season to start. My role will not only be as Head Coach. I will also be supervising LLL to meet goals we’ve set as a brand and organization.

This has been the busiest off-season so far in my career. So many opportunities came my way that were also based in NL. So I hope to be able to combine my work for LLL with other projects in this region. NL has always been an international leader in “knowledge economy”. And I see it possible for our country to do the same in esports. And I think it will greatly benefit the world of esports.

Quite a wall of text for just an announcement, I know. But it’s something I felt needing to write down and share. Both for my own vision and to offer context for the public. If you’ve read all of it, thank you very much. It means a lot to me that you take your time to show interest and to understand. Hope to be able to make a big impact for all of us and conquer the esports world in the long run.

I raise a glass to tiny impact. Cheers!

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