A statement regarding my part in the 2019 MOCS Round 6 issue.

I've made a mistake.

In game one of round 6 of the 2019 MOCS I made an offer in the game chat to not go through an "infinite" combo with Spike Feeder/Heliod/Conclave Mentor in exchange for the enemy not attacking with their field of the dead tokens, implying that I would concede if that wasn't good enough to win.
Oliver agreed, and I won naturally with damage (Ballista/Heliod) in game 1 and in game 2 I conceded early in a mostly untenable position.
In game 3, with little time on the clock (2 minutes for Oliver to almost 10 for me), I assembled the combo of gaining an arbitrary amount of life.
The creatures were removed, and faced with getting timed out, Oliver attacked me to death with 2/2 zombies and I lost the match.

My offer was made in good faith and believe was even for both of us. It was in game 1 and there was no indication that time would be a factor in the match with 40 minute clocks (normally 25).
Even if the "deal" was bad for Oliver, it was wrong for him to go back on it in game 3 after my engine had already been removed, after he had been the beneficiary of an early concession game 2.
Oliver could have at least asked me to go through the motions game 3 before removing the combo, or just played faster in general for it not be an issue if that was his intention.

The reality is the whole situation could have been avoided if I had made some clicks, granted lifelink to a massive creature, and attacked. The chess clock exists exactly for these types of positions. Not doing so was an act of self-sabotage that was entirely avoidable.
It isn't my responsibility to produce a good product. The commentators are gifted orators and would have found a way to make it entertaining, it was foolish for me to believe they needed my assistance in doing so.
My job is to show up to the round pairings, play the game to the best of my ability, and be satisfied no matter what the results are - knowing I did all I could.

I was looking for a place to vent after I fell on my own sword and stupidly went to social media in an attempt to unwind before my last round of the day.
Instead I've shown that my mental is weak, harmed my Magic and streaming contemporary personally, harmed their reputation, their livelihood, and more.

In the morning I will speak with the judges to make sure that the current outcome of Oliver retroactively conceding round 6 is the proper result of the round.
Whatever the decision, it should be put down immediately so that the show can go on without marring the rest of the event. The commentators are amazing and the games are great to watch.

I apologize to the other competitors for the delay in the event and putting a stain on their experience with my part in all of this.

I apologize for the staff for being put in a bad spot and having to deal with the problem.

I hope that other people learn from the errors made and not use social media as their outlet.

I made a mistake in initiating the offer and fallout that occurred because of it. I do not mean to absolve anyone else's part in this.

I'll delete my previous post of the chat lof of the game it was improper to post in the first place.

I've learned the power of negative energy and despite being the DarkestMage, I want no part of it. This isn't who I am.

Thanks for reading,
Michael Jacob (DarkestMage)

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