Regarding Garth Hughes.

To the fans of Ze Pyromancers,

On November 8th, 2020 we were given no choice but to remove Garth Hughes from our team due to openly transphobic remarks towards our co-leader, Mellotaku; as well as allowing his uncontrolled obsession for politics left everyone else on the team and VIP server feeling uncomfortable. When asked to kindly tone down said politics obsession and reflect on how his views have been demonstrated in an unreasonable matter, Garth commonly responded with refusal, hurling insults towards the "instigator," and when it came for deliberating his membership's integrity, instead of acknowledging how his attitude was evidently impacting those around him for the worse, he believed it was some sort of twisted political brainwashing conspiracy. Garth chose to leave the group mere seconds before the vote to kick him was finalized, akin to a "you can't fire me, I quit!" motion.

We will be continuing onwards without him and while it is unfortunate that we have lost an animator, we feel this decision is for the best. He animated a small part for our 2020 Smissmas special and played a big role in our next main misadventure; both of these have been changed to reflect these events but keeping the main storylines 99% intact, a move that at one point for a misadventure Garth refused and put the animation work of several teammates at risk, further demonstrating how his ironclad ideals was a severe issue moving forward with other team productions.

Despite this falling out, we request that none of you reading this go after Garth personally. He has made his choice and has blocked each and every one of us on Twitter, Discord, Youtube, etc. He's made his choice in no longer associating with us, and we shall respond in kind, nothing more.

Thank you for reading this important message and hope for brighter times ahead.

- ZP

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