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8th Nov 2020 from TwitLonger

Regarding the recent accusations and allegations towards LS and my side

For those who didn’t know me 2 – 4 years ago, I was an edgy fuck with no filter, and I just chose to say whatever that would anger the other person as much as possible. I assume I can start with how I met with LS, and how things were when I was in Korea. Even before I joined BBQ, my first encounter with him was me waking up to 50 angry messages on Skype, because I’ve flamed one of his friends or someone he knew. And he always disliked me because of it, this was a reoccurring thing for quite some time.

Since you can’t rewrite the past, I can’t change the fact that I was a piece of shit before I joined the team, I’ve repeatedly apologized for my past behavior. LS has had no tolerance for any type of toxicity, so after I joined the team, I changed my behavior completely. It wasn’t until after the team disbanded, I went back to old habits and behavior, unless you count the Untara clickbait video where my “toxicity” was pinging him 4 times.

LS’ tweets replying to Untara, that so many people seem hold against him, funnily enough weren’t even written by LS; it was asked for and done by BBQ. He can’t write in Korean and his Korean isn’t nearly that good.

And then there were the BBQ situations, with him taking a huge pay cut to try to coach in an organization with dysfunctional management, underfed players, broken computers, delayed/non-existent payments… Even in this type of an environment, LS not only still made a massive difference on the team, but he also did his job excellent despite how terrible things were.

After the team disbanded, he took in multiple people into his house and provided them with computers so they could continue practicing and eventually get back up on their feet.
Over a year after, some of them still live there.

Questioning his credibility as a coach as of today is absurd, after him personally coaching plenty of professionals; being years ahead in strategy, lane manipulation and itemization; and the innovative ideas he brought out like Kled jg, Panth/Taliyah bot lane and many more.

I think he is undoubtedly the, or one of the best coaches in the world. Not only that, he’s probably the man for the job if T1 wants to return to their former glory. With such individually strong players, LS could bring so much to the team, so in the end T1’s fanbase is just hurting themselves here. I find it baffling an organization with such a huge fan base can crumble before a hundred hooligans.

Lastly, on the comments of him being racist… He’s lived in Korea for almost a decade, he’s declined a plethora of job offers because he refused to leave Korea, he loves the country and the people, he spent multiple years engaged to a Korean person, and he gets shit on for how much he favors Korea, both in and out of the game. It’s ridiculous how people try to make him into something he’s not.

I'm sorry for my past behavior, but punishing him for association with me is stupid, especially when he was the one disliked it and worked against it the most.

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