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8th Nov 2020 from TwitLonger

To my Korean fans

T1 is under different management now. There will be aspects of the team that will remain, and some will change. Whether or not you agree or disagree with these changes, it is important to recognise that this wasn't just a rebrand. There already have been changes, from the top down to the players.

This means that there is only one question. Are you a T1 fan, or are you a LCK fan?

In the first case, if you can't find the patience and willingness to believe in your teams decisions, perhaps it is time to reconsider what made you follow T1. Are you a fan because of the players? Are you a fan because of their legacy? Perhaps you are there because of just one player. But, what matters now is whether or not you are able to give your continued support to this team. Try to find a reason to support T1 once more, and focus on that.

In the case you're an LCK fan and are worried about what is happening with T1, try not to lose too much sleep over it. Whilst it would be a shame if things didn't work well for T1 and Faker, find comfort in the idea of supporting a different team. Damwon has just won the world championship, with no signs of stopping. There is plenty of room to support them and their achievements. Not even mentioning all the other teams entering franchising next year. The 10 teams are there to stay.

If you do decide to support other teams, remember to give T1 the space they need to make the decisions that they believe are best for them. They aren't doing it to make their fans unhappy. They are making their decisions to help Faker earn his 4th Worlds trophy. Of that, I have no doubt. Neither should any of you.

The majority of negativity and bad rumours surround a person I personally respect. I not only have requested professional aid from him over my time in Fnatic, I have also asked my management to contact LS to have him join our team. One factor has always remained consistent: he did not, and does not want to leave Korea. He has a love for the country and it's people, and has always supported the thought of staying there. He has defended his players as well as taken care of them. He has housed up to 7 korean players at the same time - adding 2 bootcampers that came to Korea to improve their skill.

The notion that he is a racist is baffling to me. He spent many years engaged to a Korean individual. Over here, he's considered THE most korean biased individual. He gets flak for how much he favours korean League of Legends, on a regular basis.

He has shown to be more than capable in analysing as well as coaching league of legends, for he has done nothing but since entering the scene. I don't know exactly how long ago it was when he joined, but I know that 4 years ago I was a no named rookie looking to make it big. He was able to teach me new concepts about the game in just one sitting. This has left me a lasting impression, and I still see a sharp and accurate view on the game coming from him, even today.

His personal capabilities combined with his love for the country make me believe he is more than capable of coaching at the highest level in the LCK. If the rumours hold true, I truly believe there is little to worry about.

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