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5th Nov 2020 from TwitLonger

Last split + plans for the future

tl;dr : I step down as a player, but am LFT for different roles

Hello guys,

to understand the next point of this twitlonger, i need to explain a bit about last split. As you may or may not know: I played with @BlacklionGG in 1.Div Prime League and went super close to reaching the promotion-tournament for getting into pro-div.
And i feel like it was partially (ofc not only) my fault, because i was unable to invest enough time in the project as i wanted to. (Same story for the split before btw.) As im just too bad, which is totally fine for me, to pursue league fulltime i also need to attend my university lectures and study for exams whilst also earning enough money to pay rent.
This resulted in :

1): me being quite exhausted troughout the day, also not being in the best mental state
2): not giving my teammates the chance they could have had
3): my reputation to suffer, because i just simply perform bad due to named reasons
4): my studies to suffer, because i used too much time on league

Thus, i am gonna step down as a competitive player (for now!)
But i still have a huge drive to compete, i love competitive league of legends, how each gear wheel in a team is supporting each other and lets the machine run. Sadly, i dont have this feeling in soloQ at all. Instead of gear wheels its just 5 spinning tops trying to power themselves and hitting each other.
Enough of the metaphors, i just dont want to stop being involved in competitive league.

Thats why i offer any team/competitive player to reach out to me as:
- individual coach (preferably for competitive play)
- substitute player (preferably mid/support but can play other roles on a decent level aswell)
- assistant coach/strategic coach
- analyst (w/o much experience)
- anything else esport-related you can come up with

All of these i will do for free!
But please keep in mind that i wont be able to spend as much time on those projects!

Information about me:
-21 years old
-DACH - Resident
-fluent in german/english
-studying physics
-5 years of competitive LoL experience

-anyone else that has worked with me

For more information, feel free to hmu in DMs
RTs appreciated <3

Thanks for reading, sorry for any typos, have a nice day.

Sincerely, Deicara

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