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Russian Canadians Situation. @jolzftw @aaustincs

I joined this team midseason expecting to grind every day with like-minded people. I was told we would practice every weekday from 3-10 and it would be a huge time commitment. This is my first year of university but this was a good opportunity to prove myself so I took it. After two days the team decided to quit practicing because three players (castro, vek, battery) had already made up their mind about quitting after the season. This was a heavy blow because I actually care about improving and making it in this game. So the decision was to just pug out the season and see what happens, but the next day after we lost to Third Impact castro randomly left the roster without saying a word to us. I only found this out the next day when my teammate jolz told me. After this, we got Austin to sub for us even though he's really busy because of his collegiate CS commitments. We had to beg vek to actually play the matches because it was too much of an inconvenience to finish out 5 more MDL matches, or else the roster would die. Vek agreed and we all decided to play the matches out. Austin was forced to rush home multiple times and reschedule his college matches just to play the MDL matches but he did it anyway to help us out. We finished out three of the matches with vek no comming running around the server and complaining to us that we were "killing his vibe" and instantly disconnected from TS after each game. We kept playing regardless of the shitty situation.

Our final match of the season was against REBIRTH and I made sure to communicate with everyone that we would be on for the match. Austin once again had to finish his collegiate matches ASAP just to make it to our game, and me, jolz, and Austin were all in the server waiting. I DM'd battery on twitter asking where he was because vek and him were both offline. Without any communication in between them saying they will play, and 15 minutes before we were forced to forfeit the match, battery lets me know that they both aren't home and won't play the match. They wasted our time with no care in the world. Vek only messaged battery that he wouldn't make it to the match, conveniently battery was the one who didn't show up as well. Linked below.

Now for playoffs. After our match against Incognito vek once again insta disconects from TS and says he won't play playoffs. The day of the Rebirth game I messaged vek asking him to reconsider and play the match. I had to bribe vek to actually play the matches and he agreed, but only with payment. I did this because this is my first season of MDL and that experience is invaluable to me. I had to pay vek to finish out playoffs of MDL. we could have given this spot to any team and I am sure they would've loved to play. Vek clearly agreed to playing playoffs in our steam messages, linked below.

Fast forward to today we have our first playoff match. Austin had to reschedule his collegiate matches once again to get on today which he did. Jolz, Austin, and I all connected to the server to play the game waiting for battery and vek. 8:10 comes along and there's no sign of either of them, both offline on steam after clearly agreeing to play playoffs. We had no idea that they wouldn't show up and here we are now. Fucked over by selfish people because they couldn't find it in their heart to finish out 2 best of 3's because its a "waste of time" and "the scene is dead". They wasted multiple people's time and an entire season.

No TLDR I apologize.

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