All right, I might as well not recap what was in the video since everyone's seen it, but in case you haven't, here: https://youtu.be/wBi6wttxGpA
I'll also be posting music that was meant to go with each scene to fit the mood.
Okay. So after the trio of Michael, Michelle and the Cthoogle are supposed to be in that last shot where the Motherfooligan flies above them, noting that Shoehorn's power level is over 9000. He absorbs the Motherfooligan, and a huge burst of energy flows into Shoehorn, and causes a shockwave to knock the others over. Music is now an amalgamation of these tracks: https://youtu.be/gbSWYs3wEh4 +
Shoehorn is changed into a glowing eyed demigod like being. The trio see this, and Michelle formulated an idea to run to the mother ship and escape. Before they can get to it however, Shoehorn blasts it with his plasma bolts from his hands. Shoehorn with a captive audience proceeds into a long monologue about him wanting to take over the world, and make Rosen suffer for what he did to him, rather than outright kill him, because the power has immediately corrupted him, and he wants to make Michael watch as the world burns. Ermey then questions about the deal they made to work together, to which Shoehorn fatally hits him with a plasma beam. Ermey curses Shoehorn for his betrayal as it's revealed that Ermey was Shoehorn's brother. Shoehorn then basically thought he was always stupid, mention info that he didn't even recognize him earlier on the pirate ship. Shoehorn then flies off to destroy the nearby city.
Music: https://youtu.be/njXZXm2QoI0
The trio gather around the dying Shoehorn as he wishes for them to avenge his death. He then dies a melodramatic death which is basically a recreation of this scene: https://youtu.be/CtMtkUn4mro
(That was originally going to be the end of part 1)
No music, only ambience.
So a few hours have passed, and Rosen and Michelle hurried Ermey in a proper grave. Everyone is basically just waiting to die, when Rosen mentions SnanS.
Music: https://youtu.be/Zxtx3-d4yBo 0:20 - 1:14
The SnanS counter goes apeshit, and through the remnants of the motherfoogle's trans dimensional gateway, Lemon appears before them. The SnanS counter is now sentient again. They're like WTF and Lemon goes off about some technobabble that the SnanS counter and himself are quantumly entangled, and Lemon reaches out to Rosen to take his hand. Immidetly, Rosen blacks out and we're transported into an endless white void within Rosen's mind.
Music: https://youtu.be/USgiRUY4mJs
Rosen is floating around and Lemon speaks to him about him not being as much of an asshole as he puts on, and that he wants to save Michelle and the world, because he actually loves her. Lemon re-fuses with Michael, and he wakes up. Cthoogle and Michelle remarks about Rosen's changed appearance, as Rosen is now a demi-god like being similar in strength to Shoehorn, but Rosen is powered by SnanS energy.
Music: https://youtu.be/cCEwUFtjAr4
Rosen proclaim s that he's going to kill Shoehorn, as Michelle protests, but Rosen knows he's the only one who can stop him. He flies off to the city. At this point, the story becomes an A plot B plot. Rosen flies to the city and meets with Shoehorn. They have a showdown high above the city, trying to intimidate each other. After seconds of silence the battle begins.
Music: https://youtu.be/QTGoxfj5kno
(This was the only part of the fight I properly choreographed in story boards, so this part will be particularly detailed)
Shoehorn and Rosen both shoot plasma beams at each other, but they collide in kid air and explode. Rosen and Shoehorn collide in kid air and begin fighting with kung fu. Rosen gets suplexed by Shoehorn, and thrown through a series of three skyscrapers. Shoehorn flies through the holes in the building and we get a neat POV shot. Shoehorn uses infared vision to see Rosen in a loft apartment and bursts through the wall to fight him. There's a few moments of them fighting in the apartment, using comically large furniture as weapons. Eventually they burst through the wall to the kitchen and Shoehorn grabs a knife out of the kitchen door. Rosen dishes the slashes and swipes and grabs Shoehorn's wrist, disarming him. Shoehorn suplexed Rosen again over his head, through a brick wall and onto a street below. Shoehorn looks out of the gaping hole to inspect the damage, when suddenly a Jeep is thrown right at him into the apartment, temporarily burying him under rubble. Suddenly the rubble begins to steam and the entire apartment is obliterated as a fuming mad Shoehorn emerges hovering with glowing hands.
Scene transition.
Music: https://youtu.be/eNqizzecksM
Michelle, Cthoogle, and the SnanS counter watch on as the city is in chaos during the epic showdown. Michelle remarks that they need to help Michael, to which the Cthoogle says that there's no way. Michelle as usual can't understand the Cthoogle, until the SnanS counter makes it so Michelle can simply read his subtitles. Michelle and Cthoogle both agree to work together to help Michael defeat Shoehorn, both for Michael's sake, and the Motherfoogle's. The Cthoogle then gets an idea to ask for help.
Scene transition.
(This is where this scene is https://youtu.be/Nk2pyEkpvFo)
The distress signal is The Cthoogle, calling from inside the burned out mothership. Admiral Tendrillino is revealed to be basically The Cthoogle's step father, and after deriding the Cthoogle for his usual incompitance, immediately shows concern upon hearing of The Motherfoogle's capture. It is also worth mentioning the Cthoogle's name is revealed to be Theodore Cthoogle, or Teddy for Short. This makes his name The. Cthoogle (thank you Dom for this 10/10 joke). It's also revealed that the SnanS counter is a female. Tendrillino informs Cthoogle, that he will call the Royal Armada fleet to Earth, but being on the other side of the galaxy, he can't get there for about 6 months. Cthoogle sighs and resigns himself to the fact that they'll be on their own. After the transmission cuts, Tendrillino looks out of the bridge window and pulls out an old photo of the motherfoogle, him, and a baby Cthoogle with a hand written label saying. "The boy doesn't need to know about his father. Keep him safe. Love you babe. -Koyumi".
Scene transition.
Music: https://youtu.be/Rci1eD5w3ps
The fight between Rosen and Shoehorn continues. (no specific choreography sadly) at some point the fight goes into a subway car. Destruction is much bigger this time with huge props being used like cement trucks, and industrial buildings being exploded. At some point Gavin Hayes has a cameo, harassing YTPers on his computer and about to make his grand return when his apartment is obliterated by Shoehorn's death beam. Rosen is losing.
Music change: https://youtu.be/Bxv7yEeFiac
Things are beginning to look grim as Rosen hides amongst the city, and Shoehorn begins destroying huge swaths of city to weed him out.
Scene transition
Music: https://youtu.be/JHGXfFJ2TMk
Cthoogle and Michelle work desperately to fix the ship up enough to fly. With the last repair, the ship limps off the ground, and the duo head to the city, armed with their photon canons and lasers.
Scene transition
Music: https://youtu.be/TaqTVVq-vZ4
Rosen is badly wounded by this point, and unable to continue to fight.
Shoehorn has cornered Rosen, and after the two share a few quips, Shoehorn learns that Rosen only thinks he hates him because of his pirate crew's deaths.
Shoehorn indulges Rosen, as we cut to a flashback. It is revealed that Captain Shoehorn was Slutty McFucksalot's husband, and shortly after he leaves for work, the events of RV1 take place.
Music change: https://youtu.be/3TIu08u5EKQ
It is revealed that Ermey was in fact Shoehorn's Step-brother, and sometime between the events of RV4 and RV6, Shoehorn came home only to find his Wife and Child killed by the bomb Rosen dropped in RV5.
Music change: https://youtu.be/cKemdI4yqwE 3:15 - 4:05
Just as Shoehorn is about to execute Rosen, the fledgling mothership appears and shoots Shoehorn with their alien arsenal. Rosen is released, and begins crawling toward a price of sharp shrapnel to kill Shoehorn with. A brief aerial assualt takes place, as Michelle and Cthoogle shoot everything they have at him, causing Shoehorn some damage. Sadly, Shoehorn manages to shoot out the fledgling engines, and the ship goes careening into a building. As Rosen is about to grab the shrapnel, Shoehorn kicks it away, and his palms glow about to finish him off. He asks Rosen if he has any last words. Rosen remarks: "Your wife loved it when I fucked her right in the SnanS."
Cut to various televisions of news stations covering the battle, and rebroadcasting Rosen's final words. Suddenly the ground begins to quake as the SnanS counter exponentially increases, until it reaches infinity. A huge shockwave eminates from Rosen, as the screen fades to white.
Music change: https://youtu.be/A7iO_Y1TV6Q 3:31- 4:42
When Shoehorn is able too see again, he is in shock, as we see UBER ROSEN, glowing from every oraface, and chiseled as an Uber Chad. Shoehorn throws everything he can at Rosen, but there is no effect whatsoever. Rosen simply grabs him, and with three final punches to the face, Shoehorn is defeated, as the screen fades to white in an explosion of energy.
Music change:
The white fades to clouds as the main cast falls from the sky into the crater of what remained of the city below. Rosen (de powered up), Michelle, Cthoogle, Drive Properly, Motherfoogle, Lemon (de-godified and made mortal), The SnanS Counter, and even Shoehorn (de powered down) all reunite in the crater, happy things worked out, expect Shoehorn, who is really really butthurt, but now harmless. The end. Just kidding.
Music change: https://youtu.be/ht_9XYMMsZo
Hundreds of tanks, humvees, soldiers, helicopters and other military ordinance surround the cast, as they all put their hands up in surrender. The main cop from RV4 is somehow still alive, and pops out of the humvees and begins reading them all the crimes they're accused of, terrorism, destruction of property, hijacking, harboring illegal aliens, genocide ect. As the list goes on and on, it cuts to 3 months later
Scene transition:
Music change: https://youtu.be/PpsUOOfb-vE
In an homage to one of my favorite films, The Blues Brothers, the entire cast is in prison, and there is a musical style rendition of Jail House Rock as the cast is seen adjusting to prison life. Shoehorn is in solitary confinement in a hanibal lector suit. Cthoogle and Motherfoogle are both being held in Area 51. Drive Properly is getting his back tattooed. Lemon and the SnanS counter are giving, and it's generally a light hearted silly ending.
The end.
This would be where the credits come in, thanking all the creators of the venture, with cool 3D recreation s of scenes from the whole saga. I was going to commission a remix of Mahalagesca for this. After wards, the screen fades to lack after thanking everyone, including the audience.
Post credits Season 3 tease:
Then suddenly we are shifted back to the scene where Tendrillino is holding the photograph on the Cthooglian battle cruiser bridge.
Music change: https://youtu.be/ITQNxX1BtDk
He puts it away, and orders an ensign to hail the rest of the fleet for immediate departure to Earth. The fleet mobilizes, showcasing literally thousands of battle cruisers that dwarf the Motherfoogle's mothership, basically showing that the invasion in RV7 was merely the Royal escort fleet. As they warp off into space, the camera warps too, and fades to black.

The end. For real this time.

Sorry I couldn't make it a reality, but hopefully this helps get my vision out there for you all to have closure. <3 you guys.

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