Final Statement On Pyrocynical Allegations

Before i say anything, here's proof for my screenshots and his user id, along with messages from his current girlfriend that prove this is all real:

I'd like to clarify that I'm not doing this for clout or public attention, and that I couldn't care less about that. This is a message to people who know Niall and know for a fact that this is true, but continue to stay silent. What matters to me is that there are multiple accounts of pyrocynical abusing his power to be sexual with his fans, which include minors.
It's not just me who's been affected. This is public knowledge in multiple communities, and has been tolerated and in turn enabled for far too long.

Yesterday i tweeted that pyocynical groomed me and i posted screenshots of it, along with an incorrect user ID and a video i sent him that he used in his video. I'm gonna use this twitlonger to elaborate on what i posted and answer some questions ive seen asked repeatedly in response to the allegations.

Q: Did he know your age?
A: He did, but I don't have proof of that in message form. We talked often enough for him to know my full name, my ex boyfriend and I's drama, and he followed me on twitter on both of his accounts, where I've always had my age listed in my bio. He absolutely knew my age, and I know I told him multiple times. Either way, his girlfriend confirmed they knew I was underage in the video I posted.on the previously linked imgur.

Q: Why didnt you go to the police?
A: I'm in the US, he's in the UK, and I don't see what good the police could've done with discord messages where he sent me nsfw. Him being predatory is obvious in those messages, but they're not something I feel I could build a strong case for in court. Along with that, the cost of an international case is the last thing I'd want to face.

Q: These screenshots could have easily been doctored, and you blanked your messages out.
A: I definitely should've chosen a harder to fake method of screen capture instead of normal screens, which is why the imgur is showing video of me scrolling on my phone. I censored out messages from me in the screenshots because they were nsfw and I was ashamed, but I realized that caused confusion and a lack of context so I left everything uncensored in the new imgur.

Q: Why did you post inaccurate information when someone's career is on the line?
A: I had that tweet in my drafts for a few weeks, and posted it on a whim during a breakdown. I hadn't prepared the screenshots I needed cus I honestly thought I wasn't going to go through with this until yesterday morning, and I thought to throw the user ID in a screenshot because my friend told me about it. What I didn't realize was that you had to copy the user ID from a member list if the account's deleted. Because of that lack of understanding, I posted an example ID, claiming that it was his. I apologize for any confusion on that, and I've corrected it

Q: Why are you just now coming out about this?
A: I honestly thought I wouldn't have been able to handle the backlash from posting allegations of this sort, and that they wouldn't go far even if I did. While I do wish I would've come out earlier with this to some extent, I don't think I would've even been able to talk about this properly-or realize the full consequences of this-when I was younger and less mature. Along with that, the whole idea for me coming forward with this would've been closure for me instead of closure for fellow victims, and I'm honestly glad I waited until I went at it from the latter perspective.

If you've been in a situation like mine, please know that you're not alone, and that there are loads of people who are willing to support you.

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