The State of Mad City and Future Plans

Hey there Mad City fans! We know we've been missing a lot of transparency with our community, so we wanted to make a statement about the state of our game and the plans we have around it. Updates have been lackluster as we have been transitioning between programmers, and we hear the feedback you all are giving. We are not happy with the updates we are pushing either; however, they are mostly filler updates while we focus on a bigger update which will change a lot with the game.

To put it in our perspective, the game currently needs to be rewritten completely. Updates take longer and longer with each one we add because of the way the game is structured and the way updates are structured. In addition, changing the core mechanics slowly will only add to the problems surrounding the game instead of completely rewriting it. Completely transitioning to a rewritten framework and code will help us push a lot of the features you all have been missing in addition to making updates easier in the future. Updates that could have taken two weeks before could take 3-4 days after the code rewrite, and it will revamp current mechanics that feel old and overused.

We hope this answers some questions as to why some bugs have lingered around for an extended amount of time. If the game is going to be completely rewritten, there really is not a reason to change the old code unless something is game breaking or adds a huge amount of frustration to the player.

We hope to be more transparent about dates in the near future. We are in the process of hiring an extremely qualified candidate and are making swift advancements to plan an organized schedule that we can hit specific dates on without rushing. When we get closer to a date we know we can hit, we will announce it.

To ease some worry that players may have, we would like to explain that Mad City WILL still continue to receive updates while the code rewrite is in progress. Instead of doing extremely complicated tasks, we will be focusing on map changes, vehicle revamps, and visual updates that do not require too much coding. This will allow our programmers to focus on rewriting the game while still keeping players satisfied with some updates.

Thanks for understanding,
The Schwifty Studios Team

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