Switching from Pelly to Kvall

Here we want to give a bit of insider knowledge about why we made the recent roster change where we swapped from @Pellyycs to @kvallcsgo.

Pellyy has over the recent period of time expressed that he had felt a lot of pressure practicing as often as we do and the high amount of official games that we play as we before our victory in the @EELeague played in 4 leagues which meant at least 8 official matches a week this decision was made in close collaboration with all the players and the coach.

But after about 4 weeks like this @Pellyycs announced that he wished to step down to the bench for abit to recover from the pressure, which we completely understood giving his stressful everyday life with work, school and friends it can be hard to balance CS:GO. Nonetheless, this made us seek out @kvallcsgo as we previously had him on a trial for the AWP position before ultimately choosing @DemoNCSOF for the AWP position.

During the trial period @kvallcsgo showed immense potential and had a great calmness in his mid round gameplay and his decision making, made us ultimately choose him to replace @Pellyycs going forward.

After a couple of weeks recovering @Pellyycs announced that he was ready to return but not full time, which means we obviously can't use him in our starting 5. Therefore he will act as a 6th player until we find a home for him where they practice a little less and have a significantly smaller amount of officials pr. week as he is an absolute beast but has a very busy everyday life outside of CS:GO.

We hope this was interesting to read and hopefully it helps with transparency.

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