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16th Oct 2020 from TwitLonger

My Stalking Experience

While I still cannot share all of the details and events that have unfolded during the last 6 months+ which led to my break from streaming and ultimately, this moment, I am overwhelmingly grateful, humbled, and excited to share some amazing news. Let me start by sharing that with the help of the FBI, law enforcement from Poulsbo and Yakima, Washington, Los Angeles, California, Salem, Oregon, New York, to name a few, my patient family, and a team of international forensic online security experts, we have had a major break in a case that has been an emotional nightmare for me, my family, my team, and many more innocent people.

Like countless women in gaming and frankly, too many people around the world, for the last year, I have been targeted by a handful of online stalkers and abusers that did, and continue to do, everything in their power to hurt me and those who support me with threats of murder, arson, bodily harm, job loss, and the most horrific threats you can imagine. These threats are constant and directed at me, my family, infant relatives, and total strangers that aren’t even remotely connected to me. From doxxing my family and relatives to wishing death upon those I love, these threats and attacks are constant and beyond damaging for everyone involved. Nobody deserves this and I’m here to share that with the help of the finest experts and law enforcement specialists in the world, several of the most vile offenders have been identified, interviewed, are being closely monitored (as you read this), and will be held accountable. Just a reminder to anyone engaging in this kind of cyber terrorism, it is a crime punishable by heavy fines and time in jail.

While I’m fortunate enough to have access to a team that can work around the clock to investigate these criminals, that is not the case for everyone, which is why I’m working on a program with my team to help those that are experiencing these levels of online abuse and feel helpless…you are not!!! I am joining forces with a handful of female streamers and law enforcement/security experts to put an end to this level of abuse and change the gaming culture forever. Individually, we feel violated, attacked, and helpless; however, collectively, we can fight for each other and protect those being bullied, threatened, stalked, and marginalized by cowards hiding behind a thin veil of anonymity. I will be officially announcing the program in the near future and couldn’t be more excited to help everyone get access to resources and empower all streamers and everyone, with the information necessary to help identify these individuals and hold them criminally and civilly accountable.

We must all work together to change an online culture that allows this level of hate to impact us and our new project will do just that. Until then, thank you to all those that have supported me, all those that are enduring this type of abuse, and all those ready to take a stand and force change by exposing the criminals directly. For those of you that feel the need to hurt innocent people in the most cowardly way possible, you are indeed being watched and depending on the circumstances, can be held accountable under state, federal, and international law. I encourage the attackers, especially, to make a change before it’s too late, but as you read this, investigations and personal visits are unfolding.

I love and appreciate everyone, especially those people and brands willing to fight for positive change and take a stand against the abuse. My fellow female streamers and I will share more details soon, until then, let’s stand for each other, call out the hate, and put an end to the cowards, together!

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