Parting ways with Vexed.

As of today I'm officially no longer part of the active roster of Vexed.
No bad blood at all between me and the boys, love all of them and I wish all of them the best of luck for the rest of the season.
But simply put I wasn't performing to the standards I should've performed at and the reason for that was mainly due to my ADD.
I was diagnosed with ADD about 3 months ago. Which in short means I sometimes lose focus and zone out.
I got prescribed medication but unfortunately it will take between 6 to 24 months for the health center to sort everything out.
Even though I had this issue we still evidently were doing really well and winning almost every game in ESEA last season and even managed to qualify for Advanced and EPS
and I have to say that I definitely improved a lot as a player individually the past 7 months.
And while I'm waiting for my medication I will try my best to make things move faster with the health center so I can get it earlier.
We surprised a lot of people with our performance in ESEA last season and we shared memories together that I will cherish forever.
Love you brothers and good luck for the rest of the season <3 @shyyneCS @doxcsgo @voltcss @csgoleaff @WilksyyCS
Also a huge thanks to Mark for picking us up and giving us a chance to play under the Vexed banner, even though I wont be playing I'm sure the boys will make them proud with their new 5th.

So I guess with all that being said I am currently a free agent and will be LFT.
RTs appreciated.

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