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3rd Oct 2020 from TwitLonger


Hey guys! Long time no see!
Here is a short story about my career.

Let's go back to where it all started, when I went pro. It all began in Tricked 2016. I decided to move into Tricked’s gaming-house in Vejle and I really enjoyed the time - After some time Niko gets sold to Heroic and that was harsh for us all, but we kept playing together and got b0rup in! Around 8 months after, Heroic came to me and I was so ready for that. To compete against some of the best teams in world!

I joined Heroic in 2017 and I remember we had around 7-14 days of practice before Katowice 2017. It was my first time playing against tier 1 teams in officials and I was so excited! We came out 1st in our group and it was huge for me, unfortunately we lost the semis against Astralis.
I was really hyped about the team, because I think we were really good at the time and was considered as one of the underdog teams to watch out for. I really enjoyed playing with Heroic, it just felt like we were a family under RFRSH and as a team the spirit was just amazing. I could play my own game, and play the AWP just as I wanted.

Then I had a really hard time for myself outside of the game and it definitely reflected on my ingame. I don’t want to go further into that, but I had to take a break in February 2018.
I was still with Heroic back then. I took a break for around a month, but personally I wasn't fully recovered yet and got kind of forced to start playing again, with the knowledge that I wasn’t 100% in my mind, but of cause I wanted to start competing again, because I missed it so much.
After a month, Optic came to me in 2018 with an offer and I couldn't pass, even though it was a really hard decision for me. We really tried in Heroic, but we always failed at the minor unfortunately..

Then I played with Optic for quite some time and it felt good at the beginning. We qualified for the major and that was a dream that came true! But we never really got it up and running smooth as a team if you can say so.
North came to me in 2019, and I was so hyped! Definitely one of the biggest in Denmark at that time. I don’t really want to go into details, because it was so turbulence with new IGL's back and forth. I think it was so confusing to play for all of us. They definitely needed someone to lead the team at that moment and they brought in MSL.

Astralis came to me in 2020. At the beginning I was a bit confused, because there were no reports out about anything. I just had to grab the chance, even though it was as a riffler! I knew at some point, it wouldn't last forever, because I knew the start 5 Astralis had was amazing and with legendary players, but everyone needs a fully recovery break sometimes. So I decided to sign my contract, with that said, it was an absolute honor to play alongside all the guys and a good experience for me, for sure!
I wish them nothing but the best, to all of them!

I have for a long time speculated about my future. Now I have been all around the danish scene almost! I had some thoughts about to swap to Valorant. I played it a lot and I think I got quite good at it, but it's just not the same at all.. All my love and passion is for CS:GO and I'm more than ready to show you the old JUGi back in shape!!

I'm a free agent and open for all kind of offers both NA and EU, but I highly prefer AWP!
See you soon.

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