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28th Sep 2020 from TwitLonger

ESIC Punishment - ENG

Hey guys,

On the first day that the COACH BUG was mentioned I started watching all my VOD’s from previous tournaments. On September 1st I reported and showed to my stream to everyone what really happened.

Using Faceit Analyser, we found out that the coaching BUG happened to me in ONE match on ECS (2017) and ONE match on ECS (2018). I spent all 2 maps completely still without moving my mouse. On that moment, we were on a Gaming House where I normally was sitting behind the players (I will show photos of it and I have vlogs on my channel to prove it), my computer both in Canada and the USA was always facing the back of the players and usually I wasn’t on my PC. I used to enter the server way before everyone else (it was even a request from the tournament) to check the ping and, adding to my mouse NEVER moving, in both demos:

- It’s evident that I’m bugged even in the warmup phase and when the game ends I don’t disconnect, proving that I was not in my PC at any moment.

- There’s at least 10 rounds that states clear that help could have been given but it didn’t happen (video).

- If you can analyze the following game (where the bug didn’t happen) you can see that I’m on the same player camera for the game’s entirety.

Logically, I don’t have the communication video of this period. I have players that today are playing for rival teams that know that nothing was utilized in our favor. I would like to post this on Sunday (September 13th), when I was informed of the decision, but I was advised to wait the final decision. I spent days without sleeping, doing my best to avoid this negatively affecting the team in officials and training sessions. For sure the worst period of time I’ve ever been through.

I’m deeply saddened by this but not because of my conscience, because I’m 100% sure that I NEVER USED nothing to gain advantage. I’m a professional coach for more than 18 years; I’ve organized tournaments in Brazil and I’m active on the CS scene for over 20 years. I believe that at least some few people that read this know my nature, both ingame and on LIFE.

Unfortunately, this punishment is because of the BUG that the majority of the coaches didn’t know existed, and not because they wished to gain advantage because of it. It would even be simple if players looked and rapidly knew that someone was using the bug for their advantage or not and ESIC took the investigation support and transparency in consideration.

I will show on my stream all the clips and, even though I believe the punishment method should be based on advantage used, I will respect and thank ESIC, michau, dunden, jessica and all the others working behind this espetacular work.

I will not remain as the team’s coach and my role will be put on the table for BOOM and the players. It was incredible to spend this year with these players and I really appreciate and thank God for giving me the privilege of being part of this.

To finalize it, even to people who might send out their hateful comments, I don’t wish that anyone go through a punishment situation for something they didn’t do.

*OBS: The punishment was handed based on those 2 games of ECS, the other ones are listed as “supporting” evidence but they were the rounds shown on stream and even reported on twitter at the moment of the occurrence.

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