The truth about Brack

Over the past few days Toronto Ultra’s treatment of its players has been called into question and some allegations have been made that simply do not align with the facts known to us. We are posting this statement to provide our perspective on these false and harmful allegations. We owe this to our players, our fans, our tireless staff and all those who care about Toronto Ultra.

Brack came to us asking to return home to be with his family at a difficult time. We of course alleviated him from team obligations to go home on compassionate leave. We want to be very clear that we continued to pay Brack his full salary as a compassionate leave, despite the fact that we had no contractual or legal obligation to do so, so that he could be with his loved ones without financial pressure to return to his job.

Some days later he came to us to say he was now ill and indicating that he could not return to Toronto. We continued to pay him. Finally, we provided him with a very generous time period in which to produce sufficient medical documentation substantiating his illness to help us understand when he might return.

We subsequently learned that he had cleaned out his belongings from his residence in advance of leaving Toronto for the family emergency, indicating to us that he never intended to return to his work duties in the first place.

With an unwillingness to cooperate and a significant amount of compassionate leave paid, we could not reasonably keep paying Brack's salary.

We are a proud organization with great people who truly care about our work and each other. This has been a tough year on everyone. But at some point an organization has to stand up for itself and protect its people and its reputation. We could not let these false statements about Toronto Ultra’s conduct continue unanswered. We believe our conduct has been entirely reasonable – even characterized as generous towards Brack – and we will stand by our conduct and our people.

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