Leaving MAD Lions, please take a second and click below!

Hey! Replying on the recent rumours about changes in the team I announce that from today I won't be in Mad Lions active roster.

It didn't took too long for us to play together, but I still think I've made a correct decision joining them & being able to compete against better teams and prove myself a bit more. I honestly consider my time there as a decent job and a nice learning experience. I've played mostly new spots for me, put a lot of my time to learn and understand them and it's leaving me with another small bag of experience going further. It's a bit shame we couldn't get it a bit longer, cause honestly last week(s) of this team was much better as a team, and for me personally, I've finally felt a lot room for myself and played significantly better, leaves me a bit sad I couldn't present it in future official games.

I don't see myself leaving as a big let down, it was actually a big surprise for me to get an opportunity to join 4 Danes, and I was pretty aware that sooner or later the team will either turn more international or go back to Danish as a result of theirs or mine decision, it's for sure not healthy in the long run.

I'd like to thank all of my teammates, Luis, MusambaN1 and MAD Lions for the time we spent together and wish you success in anything you do next.

I am not looking to take a break, I don't have burnout symptoms. I am still putting all my time into CS, watching demos/shadow.gg of players and teams, I spend a lot of time on DM and trying to play every FPL game possible.

I improved A LOT in past 1.5 years and I feel I continue to develop, give me a shot and I will do my absolute best, whether it's trial, standin or permanent. I am hard on myself, I only look to improvements and bringing only positivity to the team. Ask whoever you want that worked with me and I am sure you will hear good things. If you are interested in my services and you want to do everything in your power to be as good as possible, hit me up and I am sure we can find a common ground. I only care about finally reaching the tier I know I have power to be at and start winning, that's all that matters.

Until next time.

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