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23rd Sep 2020 from TwitLonger

Command list 09-23-2020

These are the commands for my channel:

➡️ Information:
!age -> how old I am.
!cam !camera !webcam -> what camera I am using.
!caster -> some explanation on what I cast.
!castingtips -> a link to a video where I give casting tips.
!delay -> tells you the delay on my stream.
!donate -> clickable link if you want to donate.
!dutch -> a command in Dutch that asks others to speak English in stream.
!english -> a command to remind others to speak English in stream.
!fannefriday !fannefridays !friday -> explains what FAnne Friday is about! Viewer games!!
!followage -> tells you how long you have been following my channel.
!followcount !followers -> the current amount of followers.
!fov -> the FOV Anne is using.
!give -> to give FastCoins to another viewer: !give (username) (amount of FastCoins)
!headset -> the headset I am currently wearing.
!help !mods -> you can use this command when you need help from a mod. Please don't use it when it's not needed.
!howto -> explanation on how to join the viewer games on FAnne Friday.
!ignore -> explains that I am sometimes focusing on the game and will keep up with chat after a round.
!keyboard -> the keyboard I am currently using.
!languages -> the languages I speak.
!length -> how tall I am.
!level !lvl -> what level I currently am in Siege.
!lights -> what lights I use in my background.
!location -> whereabouts I live.
!lurk -> to let me know you have entered lurk mode.
!mains -> what operators I love playing.
!merch !merchandise !store -> clickable link to go to my merchandise store.
!mic !microphone -> the microphone I am currently using.
!mouse -> the mouse I am currently using.
!name -> explanation on accepting friend requests.
!newvideo -> clickable link to my newest YouTube video.
!pc !specs -> explains what specs I have in my pc.
!play -> explanation on whether I play with viewers/friends.
!r6light -> clickable link to get the R6 light behind me.
!rank -> shows you my current rank and stats in Siege.
!res -> the resolution, FOV and aspect ratio I am using.
!schedule -> my stream schedule.
!scope !sight -> tells you what color etc. I use for my scopes.
!sens -> my current sensitivity in Siege.
!soundpack -> to get my soundpack for TeamSpeak.
!sub !subcount !subs -> the current amount of subscribers.
!subscribe -> clickable link to subscribe to my channel and get the cutest emotes!
!teamspeak !ts -> clickable link to join the TeamSpeak.
!time -> current time for me.
!top5points -> to see the top 5 viewers with the most FastCoins.
!watchtime -> tells you how long you have been watching my channel.
!widget -> clickable link to get the widget I use to display my rank.
!hype -> SUB ONLY command to show some hype in the chat!

➡️ Some meme commands:
!analysis -> for an analysis of the last round.
!pp -> Learn our special callout.
!sendnudes -> just see what you will get ;)
!sendwine -> when wine is needed.
!takanka (the story behind this is that this is how my tts used to pronounce Tachanka)
!toepics -> do we even send those?

➡️ Commands for socials:
!socials -> all of my social links together.
!ig !instagram
!youtube !yt

➡️ SUBSCRIBERS can change the Philips Hue lights in my room using commands such as:
!blackice , !pink , !purple , !blue , !red (red scares me) , !green , !yellow !aqua , !orange etc.
!rgb !police
Hex commands for the lights are MOD ONLY.
For alpha pack openings we have: !rare !epic !legendary

➡️ Sound effects:
These are in exchange for 100 FastCoins.

In exchange for 500 FastCoins to make me dance (this command has a 15minute cooldown!)

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