Zack's Response to My Twitlonger

I will be providing a timeline as to how this conversation between Zack and I occurred.

Zack has given me permission to post this on his behalf and has no interest in coming back to the Smash community.

The morning after I posted my twitlonger, Zack reached out to me after we had not spoken for two months. Zack started by asking me if I truly believed that he had been the one who approached Nairo for money. I then confronted him saying yes, I remember you showing me, and explained why I wrote the twitlonger.

Zack then admitted that what I claimed he said about Ally (“For example, Zack openly stated to me that during his relationship with Ally, he was not scared of people finding out because he would not be the one at fault due to him being the minor.” - taken from my last twitlonger).

He also admitted that he did in fact use Nairo’s income as a scapegoat to not feel bad when asking for money.

After this, I ask him if we can get in a call.

During the call, we went back and forth, sharing perspectives. I then brought up the topic that I firmly remember that Zack had sent me a screenshot of him asking Nairo for the money on Messenger.

I claimed to him that if only I could access it, I could bring it up to him and prove that he did ask for the money first.

Zack told me that he could maybe go check and see if it was still accessible on his end.

As he was searching for the screenshot on Messenger, he realized that many of the media messages would not appear, but managed to find the screenshot I was referring to.

After this, I had to leave the call as I had class at 9AM.

After thinking long and hard, I had no idea why he sent me that screenshot admitting that he had asked Nairo for money because it directly contradicted what he put in his twitlonger. I messaged him asking why and this was his response.

I then talked to him and asked if I could post this on Twitter and he agreed.

This goes to show that Zack confirms the things I heard word-of-mouth that I put in my twitlonger. I had not lied. Everything I put in there is from *my perspective* and from what I heard.

As for Samsora, he will never admit to his selfish actions and I don’t expect him to ever do so. I still stand by what I said, that he manipulated the entire thing for his own benefit. Using his “persona” to excuse him is just turning a blind eye. Samsora claims in his Twitlonger that Nairo and him only collaborated online and only because of his editors, but Samsora had literally gone to Nairo’s house multiple times. He had even gone over to Nairo’s house specifically to get into Summit and tweeted about it:

His twitlonger is him just repeating himself and subsequently contradicting himself over and over. I don’t even know where to begin.

After hearing both sides, I just want people to believe what they feel is right without any bias.

As I mentioned in my last twitlonger, I don’t have any evidence, but this is only because I deactivated my social media. Zack retrieving the screenshot shows that the proof I’m referring to in my twitlonger exists, I just can’t reach it.

I no longer want to respond to anything related to this. I have tried my best to explain my perspective, but without evidence it would just devolve into hearsay.

I want to just point out that this is not something I am doing for fun. This is incredibly stressful and having to come out against my friends is not something I ever imagined I would do.

In a perfect world, I would have made all the perfect decisions to help my friends and prevent things like this from happening, but that’s not the case. I was also wronged by so many people whom I thought would do the right thing as well, but failed to do so, and that destroyed my passion for so many things.

I am just trying to do the right thing.
- Tamim

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